Ben Pakulski Mi40 Review

Mi40 Workout Program reviews

Does Mi40 Workout Program Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Ben Pakulski's Program:

Professional bodybuilder Ben Pakulski charges his private training clients more than $100 an hour to learn the secrets of bodybuilding, but you don't have to travel to his state and make that substantial investment if you use his Mi40 workout and nutrition program. This isn't just another eBook that claims to reveal shocking secrets that will help you pump up the muscle overnight.

The Mi40 program offers a series of workbooks, exercise videos and printable sheets that reflect information previously revealed only to Ben's personal training clients. The videos feature bodybuilding champions, professional wrestlers and other athletes that you may already admire. The claim is that following the workouts and implementing Ben's nutritional guidelines will help you build more muscle in less time regardless of the bodybuilding struggles you have faced in the past.

What Does Mi40 Mean?

Mi40 stands for Mass Intent 40, and that is the basic concept behind the entire program. The number 40 is significant to your training regime, and Ben will tell you why in his instructional materials. You will see this number repeat itself as you progress from reading the learning material to completing the workouts.

The term "mass intent" identifies your ideal intention for using this program. Your intention is to increase muscle mass and develop the pumped-up body of your dreams. Maybe you have struggled to turn your naturally-thin physique into a ripped physique. Perhaps you have taken every supplement on the market only to watch your gains diminish rather than grow.

These are struggles that Ben understands because he has helped his private training clients overcome them, and he has overcome some of them personally. Through this system, he wants to help you do the same.

Ben's Instructional Manuals

While the workout videos are what put you into action and allow you to transform your body through weightlifting, you must start with the educational materials. These guides are designed to teach you the science of bodybuilding and allow you to grow from Ben's personal experience as a professional bodybuilder and successful personal trainer.

The written guides included in the Mi40 program include:

  • The 40-Day MASS Intelligence Training Manual
  • The 40-Day MASS Consumption Nutrition Manual
  • The 40-Day MASS Proportions Exercise Execution Guide
  • The 40- Day MASS Supplement Stack Protocol

Once you go through these educational guides, you will understand the processes used in the exercise videos and will have a completely new nutritional and fitness program. The way you think about bodybuilding should change significantly after reading through these guides and putting Ben's unique strategies to work in your daily life.

The program also includes some extras that make implementing the program easier, including an audio file filled with bodybuilding secrets you have probably never heard before and printable workout sheets and calendar.

What to Expect from the Videos

Each video included in the Mi40 program focuses on a specific body part. These are not workouts that you will do one time and toss away in boredom. They are designed to teach you in-depth secrets to building muscle in specific areas of the body. If the methods prove successful for your physique, you will use those concepts in your workouts for the rest of your life.

Consider Mi40 a digital form of personal training with Ben. You aren't buying a series of workout DVDs. You are purchasing knowledge and strategies to help you improve your bodybuilding efforts.