Lift Weights Faster Review

Lift Weights Faster reviews

Does Lift Weights Faster Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Jen Sinkler's Program:

Virtually every month it seems that some new fitness guru has come out with the latest and best exercise program designed to melt off the pounds and have you feeling better in no time. The wealth of programs on the market can be utterly confusing, particularly if you're trying to rev up your fitness level after a long sedentary period. "Lift Weights Faster" is a fitness training program by former athlete and longtime trainer Jen Sinkler that shatters conventional thinking on exercise, yet helps participants lose body fat, gain muscle and increase cardiovascular endurance.

I Don't Want a Long, Boring Workout

Conventional exercise wisdom says that you have to spend long hours, not to mention days, in the gym to achieve cardiovascular fitness along with the look you have always wanted. "Lift Weights Faster" blows that notion to pieces. The training program developed by Sinkler give users options and lots of them. You will find 225 different exercises organized into 130 conditioning workouts. The best part is that all of them can be performed quickly in 10-, 20- or 30-minute segments using simple equipment such as kettlebells, dumbells and barbells.

Another great feature is that beginners can actually learn how to do the exercises while they are working out thanks to detailed how-to descriptions, photos and videos that describe some of the routines. The program is a variation of circuit training in that all of the routines are done in a matter of minutes. By adding weights with rapid repetitions to the workout, exercisers will get short bursts of cardio that effectively replace long, drawn-out aerobic classes.

Who Can Do This Workout?

In a word, everyone can benefit from "Lift Weights Faster" no matter what their fitness level. What's more, this program is backed by the latest research that indicates weight lifting is an ideal replacement for cardio and strength workouts, particularly if performed at fast rates. Sinkler's system is effective because it combines moderate to intense lifting with sprints of the same intensity, techniques that work well to rid the body of fat while building muscle.

In addition, users will get a variety of different guides along with the main program that explains various principles of exercise science. The program includes strategies to help increase the effectiveness of existing workout routines and training techniques that will help you continue to burn fat hours after your workout ends. You'll also learn why you should abandon excessive cardio training and why you should implement shorter training sessions to lose fat more effectively.

It's Not to Good To Be True

Thanks to this program, no one has an excuse not to exercise as you can accomplish your goals in a shorter amount of time. The thorough instruction guide and videos make following the system easy. It's also comprehensive, meaning users will work every muscle group and also get information on essentials such as nutrition and injury prevention. You won't need to purchase expensive machines either that will eventually end up collecting dust in a corner when you get bored of them or fail to produce results.

The drawbacks to "Lift Weights Faster" are minor when compared with the benefits. The program is more expensive than similar guides and it's only available online. When compared with the price of fancy gym memberships and guaranteed results, however, won't the price be worth it?