Kidney Disease Solution Book Review

Kidney Disease Solution reviews

Does Kidney Disease Solution Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Duncan Capicchiano's Program:

Those individuals with impaired kidneys who are undergoing dialysis treatments know just how serious kidney disease can be. Duncan Capicchiano created The Kidney Disease Solution, a comprehensive guide that offers a proven holistic approach to fighting this debilitating condition via alternative treatments. It took him 8 years to compile the research data on the condition and identify a natural remedy that reverses the condition without dialysis.

An Alternative Approach

What Duncan figured out is that the current medical approach to treating kidney disease focused only on the kidneys, whereas some ancient remedies he was able to find information on treated the body as a whole, and claimed to generate successful recoveries for patients. By combining what he knew about these ancient treatments and similar approaches used in Chinese medicine, he was able to create a modern treatment plan that made use of both ancient methods and current advances in medicine.

Duncan’s book gives patients suffering with advanced kidney disease hope that their doctors can’t give them. By treating the body as a whole and using wisdom passed down for thousands of years, the Kidney Disease Solution paints the disease in a whole new light, and offers solutions that are deceptively simple, yet remarkably effective.

What You will Learn from this Guide

In the beginning chapters of the book the author discusses kidney disease in great detail, revealing common symptoms, causes, and treatments for the disease. He then goes on to discuss why traditional medical treatments like dialysis may not be the best approach, as they do not take advantage of the body’s natural healing systems. His treatment method is described in detail, and comes along with many lifestyle and dietary changes that can dramatically improve your kidney (and overall) health.

Duncan differentiates between the different causes of kidney disease, as each cause must be specifically addressed for the condition to be cured. Instead of just treating the kidneys as is done in traditional medicine, his system shows kidney disease sufferers how to reverse the condition that led to the kidney disease in the first place.

Is Holistic Always Better?

Duncan also dispels the myth that a holistic approach is always superior to a conventional one. Both have their place as well as their drawbacks. Holistic remedies applied without proper knowledge can actually worsen one’s condition. People assume that there is no danger in using herbal tonics and other natural approaches, but this is not true. Duncan explains that to be effective, a holistic treatment plan must be precisely calculated and carefully carried out.

Duncan also explains that for best results the new and the old approaches must be combined, so that the patient can benefit from both.

What Makes the Kidney Disease Solution Guide a Winner?

Some holistic health guides are just full of new age mumbo jumbo that wouldn’t heal a paper cut—but this guide is completely different. It offers general advice for treating kidney disease, but goes on to offer specific recommendations for the different stages of the disease as well as for those whose disease was precipitated by different causes. A full explanation is given for every piece of advice given in the guide; how it works, why it works, and how to get the most out of using it.

Even though some complex medical conditions are discussed throughout the guide, the text is written in an easy to understand format, so nothing will go over your head if you don’t have much medical knowledge. The guide is written for real people who want a viable alternative for treating their kidney disease and making a full recovery.

A Risk Free Investment in Your Health

The Kidney Disease Solution is a rarity among holistic health guides, and I’m sure you’ll be as impressed with it as I am. Duncan’s treatment plan is a godsend for individuals who thought there was nothing they could do to improve their condition. If you’re on the fence about giving it a try, I should mention that it comes with a guarantee. You get 60 days to evaluate it, and if it doesn’t live up to its promises you can get a full refund of your purchase price—no questions asked.