Get Lean Program

Get Lean Program reviews

Does Get Lean Program Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Belinda Benn's Program:

While it may be true that losing weight becomes more difficult as you age, you are never too old to get into better shape. An intelligently designed nutrition and exercise program will work for just about anyone, regardless of their age. It may take longer for someone who is 50 to get into great shape than it would for a 20-year-old, but it is no less possible.

A Real Program for Real People

The Get Lean Program was designed to help people of any age lose weight and drastically improve their level of fitness. Belinda Benn, the creator of the program, used it to get into the best shape of her life at age 37 and work as a fitness model. Belinda was not a gym rat by any stretch of the imagination before she got started, and the progress she was able to make was nothing short of outstanding.

On the homepage of the Get Lean website you can see before and after photos of Belinda, and they will surely blow your mind. She is in the kind of shape that very few people are ever able to get into—and is able to maintain it in her late 30s! She is very lean, but she also has muscle in the right places to keep her from looking fragile or underweight. If there is one word I would use to describe her it is “perfect”.

About the Book

The 200+ page eBook is full of the exact methods Belinda used to make her dramatic transformation. Detailed nutrition and exercise information is included, and the author covers every detail you will need to know to follow in her footsteps. The workouts you will be doing are challenging but easy to learn and perform. Even if you haven’t spent much time in the gym you will be able to follow right along.

The real treasure of this guide is in the nutritional programming. You will get a 90 day meal plan broken down into three specific 30 day programs to follow. The parameters change a bit from one month to the next to keep you from hitting a plateau and to ensure you get results as quickly as possible. The meals are diverse and tasty—you won’t be eating rabbit food for 90 days. The plan for each day includes three meals and three snacks, and you even get to have a little cheat meal once or twice per week.

Full Support

In addition to the expert nutrition and exercise regimens and the full meal plans with recipes included you will also get email support from Belinda herself. If you have any questions about her guide just drop her an email and she’ll return it within 24 hours, usually much faster.

Having an accomplished mentor like Belinda Benn on your side will keep you motivated to succeed and help you get through those times when sticking to the plan becomes difficult. Following her expert advice you will transform your body in ways you have only dreamed of!