Figure Competition Secrets Review

Figure Competition Secrets reviews

Does Figure Competition Secrets Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Karen Sessions's Program:

If you currently compete, or hope to start competing, in figure competitions, you are probably well aware of Karen Sessions and who she is. In her 20 year career in the fitness industry she has worked with competitors like Jenny Lynn, and other Figure Olympia champions. She is known as Miss Fit, and knows everything there is to know about competing in figure events. In this guide she tells all and reveals her secrets about: Diet, Training, Choosing a Suit,Final Week of Prep...

If you want to start placing high in contests and taking your figure career to the next level, Karen is just the girl to help you do it. She explains in great detail the things that make the difference between first place and 12th place, and how so many promising competitors make little mistakes that push them away from the trophies. In the guide she walks you through every step of a 12-week prep as if you were her personal client. Every aspect of diet, training and lifestyle considerations will be covered, and you will know exactly what you need to do each and every day to put your best physique up on the stage on contest day.

Advice From a Pro

Early on in the guide Sessions explains how most competitors make dieting mistakes that cause them to lose too much muscle and still not get lean enough to take the prize. She teaches readers how to avoid these costly mistakes and get super-lean without losing muscle and looking stringy on stage. Other topics like over training, doing too much cardio, improper carbohydrate intake, improper meal timing, and other common slip ups are covered in detail. Karen knows of every possible mistake a figure competitor can make—and she show you how to avoid them all.

Presentation and Posing

In addition to the diet and training aspects of your prep, Karen will also cover presentation aspects like how to create a posing routine, choose a swimsuit and shoes that show off your physique, and use a tanning procedure that gets you to the right shade. She does everything to make sure you show up with your best package on the day of your event.

Figure Competition Secrets is an amazing resource for figure competitors of all levels and experience, and will certainly help you up your game and move up in the ranks. The eBook also comes with $250 worth of bonuses that are full of extra tips and tricks that will help you refine your look and presentation skills.

The Only Course You Will Ever Need

Any question you could ever have about competing at a high level in the world of figure competitions is answered in this comprehensive course. The testimonials and before/after pictures customers have left speak volumes about the quality of information in the guide. The transformations competitors have made under Karen’s guidance are awe inspiring. If you want to make your mark in figure competitions and start your own collection of trophies, you need to get your hands on this book!

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