Eye Floaters No More Review

Eye Floaters No More reviews

Does Eye Floaters No More Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Daniel Brown's Program:

What Are Eye Floaters?

Floaters are deposits of collagen, of various shapes, sizes, and consistency that are found in the gel-like substance in the back of your eye called the vitreous humour.

Eye floaters earned their name by moving around in your eye. They appear as black or grey dots, squiggly lines, cobwebs or rings. They may sometimes be confused as optical illusions but they are actual sediment that exist within the eye itself.

Experiencing eye floaters are more common to people of age. When we age, the jelly-like vitreous inside our eyes become more liquid. The fibers that comprise the vitreous humour shrink to small shreds that clump together and cast tiny shadows in your retina. This is what we see as floaters.

Those that are near sighted, have had surgery for cataracts or have had inflammation or swelling inside the eyes have greater likelihood to get floaters when they age.

Generally, eye floaters are harmless and no more than an irritant. They are not serious and tend to go away over time. If they don’t one can learn to live with them and ignore them.

The human brain can be taught to adapt to the presence of or from floaters, ignoring them and then notice them only when we think about it.

It’s like the shoes on our feet, we only notice the feeling of shoes in our feet when we think about it. Often, we just go about our daily lives without so much of a thought about them at all.

But for those with severe cases of floaters, it may be more a health hazard than just a nuisance. It is dangerous especially if the spots keep on drifting to one’s field of vision. Severe cases can also lead to serious eye disorders like detached or torn retina, eye tumors or inflamed vitreous that if ignored and goes without treatment can permanently damage your vision.

It is imperative then that eye specialists are seen if a sudden increased in floaters is notice. These symptoms become more urgent if accompanied with light flashes or loss of peripheral vision.

How to Stop the Floating

There’s no medication available to correct eye floaters at this time. But this is of little consequence because most benign eye floaters never require medical treatment anyway. Since floaters are a part of the normal aging process, most medical professionals will instead encourage exercising your eyes by looking up and down constantly. This will shift the fluid in your eyes around and push the floaters out of your field of vision.

It is also believed that there are certain herbs and vitamins that were said to be effective in decreasing floaters. These promised results may be true but none of these products have undergone clinical trials to officiate the effects of taking these medications. Without this backing, it is difficult to positively advertise these products and their supposed results.

For severe cases where floaters block your vision, doctors may suggest either invasive surgery or laser treatment to address this:

  • Vitrectomy is an invasive surgery that will help remove the vitreous in the middle of the eye and replace it with a salt solution. Studies have shown that this surgery may not remove all the floaters and new floaters may develop after the surgery.
  • Laser vitreolysis is an option to remove vitreous strands and floaters through low-energy light pulses. Some patients who have previously undergone this reported to have better vision while there are some who reported not to have any difference to before at all.

Do they sound dangerous? They should. Because they are. Both procedures have high risks and complications that may lead to cataract, torn or detached retina or at worst, blindness.

Aside from the high risks involved, these treatments cost a fortune! Each conventional treatment costs thousands of dollars that some just choose to suffer because they can’t afford to take them.

In the end, unless medically supported by your doctors and deemed physically required, non-surgical solutions are a less riskier way to go.

Daniel Brown and Eye Floaters No More

Daniel Brown suffered from eye floaters. He has tried a variety of common treatments that didn’t work and grew frustrated over time. It is then that he decided to try laser surgery treatment as a final option. Like so many before it though, it didn’t work. Instead of being a solution, it almost made him blind.

The failures didn’t faze him though. Instead, he continued to vigorously research for alternative solutions to the problem. He studied the eye anatomy to fully understand why floaters occur and tested multiple solutions he came up with to check its effectiveness. This resolve successfully led him to develop a simple, cheap and all-natural treatment for eye floaters.

He tested it himself and the treatment worked like magic! He shared this discovery to others and thus born “Eye Floaters No More.” It has now grown to be one of the most popular natural remedies for eye floaters in the market today.

What's In Store for me?

Daniel Brown’s Eye Floaters No More comes with a downloadable digital eBook that serves as a step by step guide to:

  • Easily, naturally and permanently cure eye floaters
  • Fully understand floaters and its causes
  • Help you check if there are potential eye diseases you should be alerted to and;
  • Improve your vision through safe eye exercises

In addition to the Eye Floaters No More guide, every purchase comes with two bonus eBooks:

  • Vision Without Glasses by Dr. William Bates are for individuals looking to rid themselves of glasses or contacts and dream of having better eyesight. This book discusses his recommended techniques to bring back good eyesight without any surgery.
  • Stress No More also written by Daniel Brown teaches effective relaxation tips and techniques to staying calm in different situations. Stress has adverse effects in all aspects of your life and this book outlines activities to relieve you of that and guide you to a more serene lifestyle.

The 3 eBooks work together to provide an all-inclusive guiding tool to improved eyesight without floaters, better vision without surgery and tranquility in even the most challenging situation.

Pros and Cons

For a closer look at Eye Floaters No More, we will be comparing the Yeys! and Nays! of it. These are points to evaluate the positive (Yeys!) and the negative (Nays!) details of the product. As consumers, it is recommended to assess a products key features to be able to make sound purchases.

The Pros:

  • Eye Floaters No More program was designed to be a permanent solution to eye floaters. It’s a safe, all-natural, holistic treatment program that has long term results.
  • It is a comprehensive treatment program that looks at the problem at its root and provides easy to follow steps to address eye floaters without the help of modern medicine nor surgery.
  • The financial risk with taking the Eye Floaters No More program is very low. It is an affordable solution backed with a 100% 60-day money back guarantee. Even with this guarantee, Brown remains steadfast on the positive effects of the program.
  • It is readily downloadable in digital format and comes with two premium eBooks at no extra cost.
  • You do not need to pay unnecessary visits to your doctor as you can use the treatment program at the comfort and privacy of your own home.

The Cons:

  • Daniel Brown as a health author is relatively unknown. Some people confuse him to Dan Brown the best-selling fiction author while others are hesitant to try the program due to the proliferation of internet scams online.
  • Some are put-off that it is only available as an eBook. Since some of the targeted customers are older, the preference are actual books or booklets.
  • Some customers find the need to go thru the entire eBook before they can start taking actual concrete action challenging. Most prefer a quick and active approach to help resolve their issues.

The Bottom Line

Eye floaters are bothersome. But one can always choose to ignore it and just go by life as is – eye floaters and all. Still, to be on the cautionary side, one can do safe eye exercises to help lubricate your eyes and lessen the impact of floaters to your eyesight. Remember though that this is applicable for minor cases only.

For individuals with severe cases of eye floaters, it is best to see your optometrist or ophthalmologist to identify the proper eye treatment for your disease. It is critical to have the suitable treatment to prevent permanently damaging your eyesight.

In most cases, doctors will refer patients for surgery or laser treatments. If these procedures scare you and you’d want to avoid the potential nasty side effects of such treatments, Daniel Brown’s all-natural approach is the one for you. It is affordable, risk-free and all you need to start is determination and an open mind.

Results don’t happen overnight but with Eye Floaters No More you’ll be able to effortlessly cure floaters at a fraction of the cost and within the comfort of your own home.

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