Cold Sore Free Forever Review

Cold Sore Free Forever reviews

Does Cold Sore Free Forever Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Derek Shepton's Program:

In the following paragraphs I will provide a thorough review of Cold Sore Free Forever, a holistic guide to treating the herpes simplex virus that causes cold sores. Before I get into the specifics of the guide I will talk a bit about cold sores and the herpes virus that they are associated with.

Herpes and Cold Sores

Herpes is a very contagious virus, and often presents in the form of blisters on various parts of the body, although some who carry the virus show no outward symptoms. The virus is widespread throughout the western hemisphere, and affects millions of people of all ages. Herpes simplex 1 causes cold sores above the waistline, including cold sores that typically form on or around the lips. Herpes simplex 2 is responsible for genital herpes or any blisters below the waist.

Cold sores are also referred to as fever blisters, and can occur on the neck, ear, face and nostrils in addition to the lips, where they occur most frequently. These blisters are painful and sensitive to the touch in addition to being unsightly. Out of embarrassment, many people who break out with cold sores avoid going out in public, making them very disruptive.

Once someone contracts the herpes virus they carry it for life, and can break out with cold sores at any time. There is no cure for herpes, but it often goes dormant for extended periods of time, causing no visible symptoms.

About the Guide

Cold Sore Free Forever is a holistic guide that offers a prove remedy for getting rid of cold sores and keeping them from reoccurring. While it does not claim to cure the herpes virus, it does provide a solution that keeps cold sores at bay and prevents them from popping up at the worst possible times

Benefits of the Cold Sore Free Forever Program

  • A powerful natural remedy that will get rid of cold sores within 72 hours. There is no faster acting remedy available anywhere!
  • No doctor visits or expensive treatments necessary.
  • No antibiotics to compromise your immune system.
  • No ineffective topical lotions or creams.

The book contains nine chapters full of valuable information about cold sores and how to effectively prevent them from rearing their ugly heads. Below are brief descriptions of what you will find in each chapter.

Chapter 1: A thorough primer on the herpes virus and its many forms and how to distinguish between them.

Chapter 2: The various locations that can be affected by HSV-1 and how to tell if you have contracted it.

Chapter 3: A comprehensive description of how the herpes virus leads to visible cold sores and some common treatments methods used to combat these symptoms.

Chapter 4 and 5: In these chapters some holistic treatment methods for cold sores are discussed and evaluated, with the DMSO and toothpaste solution being among them.

Chapter 6, 7 and 8: In these three chapters important topics like the alkalinity of the blood and oxygen levels, particularly how they affect the herpes virus, are discussed, and recommendations are given based on this discussion. The working theory here is that excessive acidity of the blood pH makes the body susceptible to a wide variety of diseases, and that a more alkaline pH prevents these same diseases from occurring in the body.

Dr. Derek describes several methods of increasing the alkalinity of the blood to prevent cold sores from forming. Tips for increasing body oxygen levels are also covered, as the herpes virus is anaerobic, and the presence of oxygen prevents it from exerting its effects. Some effective quick remedies for existing cold sores are also discussed here.

Chapter 9: In the final chapter Shepton puts it all together and discusses how to use the tips and remedies offered in the previous chapters to build a wall of defense against herpes breakouts. He emphasizes the importance of consistency in preventing cold sores, and provides simple tips for keeping up with the routine he has laid out.

A Comprehensive Cold Sore Solution

Cold Sore Free Forever provides you with all of the tools and information you will need to successfully manage your condition and keep your face free of painful, unsightly cold sores. You will not have to purchase any expensive creams or use any harsh chemical ingredients—the treatments are all natural and 100% safe.

Why Choose Cold Sore Free Forever?

There are plenty of other cold sore treatment guides available, but there are a number of reasons that this is the best option:

  • Naturally cures cold sores in 3 days or less.
  • Stop wasting money on expensive creams and use a proven remedy that is safe and natural.
  • No more costly visits to the dermatologist.
  • Provides permanent relief from cold sores.
  • Can be used in the privacy of your own home.

Free Bonuses with your Purchase

Dr. Shepton is currently offering 7 free bonus guides for all customers. These include:

  • Superfoods for Improved Health: Spirulina & Chlorella, discusses the health benefits of these impressive super foods.
  • The Healing Power of Water, the many health and beauty benefits of staying adequately hydrated.
  • 175 Ways to Burn Extra Calories, provides helpful tips for burning more calories and losing weight.
  • Supplementing with Superfoods, common super foods and their diverse health benefits
  • The 7 Secrets of a Good Diet, smart tips for dieting in a healthy and effective way.
  • 45 Nutrition Secrets Revealed, great tips for eating a healthy, balanced diet.
  • The Good Health Handbook, what your body needs for optimal health and energy levels.

The Last Cold Sore Guide You Will Ever Need

Cold Sore Free Forever has earned its reputation as the best guide for treating cold sores in a natural and effective way. Thousands of herpes sufferers have experienced relief from Dr. Shepton’s guide, and it continues to be the go-to source for cold sore remedies. Give it a try today and say goodbye to those pesky cold sores for good.