BV Cures Book Review

BV Cures reviews

Does BV Cures Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Kristina J. Tomlin's Program:

Anyone who has suffered from Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) knows it’s no walk in the park. Kristina J. Tomlin knows this all too well, as she had suffered with recurring BV for years before discovering the effective natural remedies she shares in her book, 3 Days to Permanent Bacterial Vaginosis Relief. The author claims that these easy remedies can be used by women in their own homes to get rid of their Bacterial Vaginosis once and for all.

Course Overview

The book starts off with Kristina explaining what Bacterial Vaginosis is and what the common symptoms are. BV is a condition precipitated by a bacterial imbalance in the vagina, and the primary symptom is a grayish white discharge with an unpleasant, sometimes fishy odor. She goes on to explain that, although the exact causes of this bacterial imbalance are not fully understood. Some of the key topics Kristina discusses in her book include:

  • Common misconceptions about BV and its symptoms
  • A long term approach to preventing BV Infections
  • Information about antibiotics as a BV treatment
  • Causes of chronic BV
  • Distinguishing BV from other conditions
  • Her 3 step system for eradicating BV

There are certain behaviors that could increase the likelihood of BV infections including:

  • Unprotected sex with multiple partners
  • Douching
  • Smoking cigarettes

After this she discusses the use of antibiotics to treat the condition, and why they are not an adequate solution to recurring BV infections. Antibiotics may kill off the harmful bacteria and provide temporary relief from symptoms, but they do not address the underlying causes of the condition.

The third section of the book contains the meat of the 3 Days to Permanent Bacterial Vaginosis Relief course—the step-by-step treatment that thousands of women have used to get rid of their BV permanently. In the following chapters the author also discusses how certain lifestyle choices can play a big role in the occurrence of BV, and some easy changes you can make to be sure it doesn’t come back after the original treatment.

My Thoughts on the Guide

My immediate thought about Tomlin’s guide was that it contained an unexpected wealth of information about Vaginitis, and included information that, in my opinion, every woman should know in the interest of her health. I was also impressed by the clarity of the writing, particularly in the section that describes the symptoms of BV and how they can be distinguished from other conditions. There were lots of things in the course that, as a woman, I am very happy to now know. As far as the remedy goes, I’ve been BV-free for about 6 weeks now since first using it—and I’m hopeful that it will continue to work. Kristina goes into depth about why her remedy is so effective and how it works to attack the root cause of BV. This made me have confidence in the methods before I even used it.

Is the Treatment Safe?

The treatment Kristina recommends in her book involves three steps, and the remedy is made from safe, natural ingredients that are cheap and easy to find—you may already have some of them around the house. There are all kinds of proposed natural BV remedies floating around on the internet, many of which have not been proven to be safe nor effective. The methods in 3 Days to Permanent Bacterial Vaginosis Relief are tried and true, and are completely safe.

Permanent Relief from BV

Many women suffer from chronic BV infections, and this guide is especially useful to these women, as the methods provide both acute and lasting relief from BV. The root causes of the condition are listed and discussed; and the lifestyle changes required to make your relief permanent are all laid out for you.

In addition to working to prevent the recurrence of BV, the lifestyle changes Kristina recommends will also improve your overall health, so it’s a win-win situation.

Helpful Bonuses

When you purchase the course you’ll also receive four great bonuses including a guide to natural yeast infection treatment and one on stress relief.

Risk Free Purchase

The author stands behind her guide, and offers a 60-day money back guarantee on it. If you’re not happy with the purchase for any reason you can get a full refund anytime within the 60 day period. If traditional treatment options for BV have not been working for you, pick up a copy of Kristina’s guide and try her proven remedy risk free.