Bar Brothers System Review

Bar Brothers System reviews

Does Bar Brothers System Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Lazar And Dusan's Program:

Calisthenics is one of the first (and still one of the most effective) exercise methods in the world. However, not many people see it as a legit means for transforming the body. Lazar and Dusan’s Bar Brothers System shows the world that calisthenics has the power to bring you to your best shape ever. “The System” has earned a strong reputation for both effectiveness and versatility. This review will take a close look at this system and see if this indeed works as advertised.

About Lazar and Dusan

The co-creators of the Bar Brothers System are calisthenics enthusiasts Lazar Novovic and Dusan Djolevic. It all started when Dusan has hit rock-bottom in his life, devoid of anything to strive for. He was introduced to Lazar at school by a common friend. Impressed by Lazar’s physique, Dusan asked the secret behind his great body. To his surprise, Lazar said that he does not spend a lot of time at the gym, instead doing his workouts at home, outdoors, and virtually everywhere. Thru calisthenics, all Lazar needed to build his imposing physique was body weight exercises and bars.

From there, Lazar taught Dusan the secret behind his body, showing him advanced calisthenics and body workouts that pushed both his physical and mental toughness. Dusan persisted and eventually he became as physically imposing as his friend Lazar. More than gaining a body that’s both aesthetically pleasing and incredibly strong, Dusan also had a newfound confidence that changed his life. Their joint training sessions has formed a strong bond between Lazar and Dusan, and together they called themselves the “Bar Brothers”. Together, they quickly rose to fame. They then decided to share their secret to the world thru a program called the “Bar Brothers System”.

Bar Brothers System Overview

The Bar Brothers created their System using the foundation of calisthenics and street workouts. Before releasing their program, they made waves with their videos in YouTube, showing off their remarkable physiques and seemingly superhuman strength. However, they made their videos in such a way that they encourage people that what they do can be replicated by anyone. Due to multiple requests, they eventually put up their own website. This is when “The System” was born.

Considered as two of the top calisthenics specialists in the world, Lazar and Dusan created the System to be easy-to-follow, even by beginners. As their tagline says, they will help you “become the best version of yourself”. More than a fitness system, The System is a community of like-minded people who strive to become the best versions of themselves. This has led to the creation of the Bar Brothers Family, a community of users designed to give support to everyone who is using The System.

The Features

Bar Brothers System is the main feature of this program. It is a 12-week program that contains different exercise programs in a week-to-week basis. The 12-week program is divided into three 4-week long phases, with each phase increasing in difficulty. Each video for the week contains the exercises you will be doing for the week and a motivational clip to get your week to a blazing start. Each exercise is detailed properly, and the proper form and technique of executing them is well-illustrated.

In total, The System contains 18 videos that are readily accessible over their website. There are the 12 videos for each week of the program, and then there are 6 supplementary videos that help you maximize what you’ll learn from The System. You will be working out 6 time a week, with each workout lasting an hour each. To prevent user fatigue, the program utilizes a split-training format, which means that different regions of the body are targeted per session. The intensity of the workouts are also arranged in such a way that it minimizes the risk of burnout.

The System in itself will help you get remarkable gains in both aesthetics and functional strength. However, for those who want to take their performance to the next level, the Bar Brothers have advanced programs that can be accessed for an extra fee. These 2 programs, Accelerator and Freestyle Moves, add new dimensions to your workout and better equip you to become a true-blue street exercise expert. Regardless if you avail of The System’s extras or not, you will gain free access to the Bar Brothers Family, a Facebook support group exclusive to members of the system.

Who is Bar Brothers System Designed for?

One of the biggest selling points of The System is that it can be used by everyone. Beginners can highly benefit from using this program. The System is designed to be doable even by those who have never tried calisthenics and other similar exercises before. All steps are detailed, and fundamentals such as proper technique are adequately discussed. At the same time, The System is challenging enough to benefit even the most experienced of fitness enthusiasts. Even those who have been working out for a while will receive gains from The System.

Fitness enthusiasts who will particularly enjoy it are those who love freestyle training and other related activities. Most of the exercises are done using bars, which provides a large amount of room for creativity, freestyle movements, and even stunts. Also, those who are engaged in street workouts and parkour will feel at home in The System. Virtually all of the workouts here can be done even without a gym subscription, and an argument can be made that The System can be done virtually everywhere.

Athletes from different disciplines can also benefit from trying out This System. It doesn’t matter what kind of sport you are playing, the gains you will get from trying this workout will translate to improved performance in your game. Aside from helping you attain a leaner physique, you will also gain functional strength. Improved strength, balance, and explosiveness are just some benefits that you can get from The System, which can easily translate to better performance in your chosen discipline.

The Pros

  • Effective- The System is remarkable for its effectiveness. All the techniques and methods shown in the video are based on scientific facts. You won’t have to second-guess anything in this program. Just stick with the program and you will be achieving gains, no matter what your fitness level is. Some even report improvement in their physique even when they are not finished with the program!
  • Easy to navigate and understand- All you need is an internet connection to get started with The System. All you have to do is open the website, log in, and access your videos. Even more remarkable is that the site is optimized for use in mobile devices, meaning you can access your account with ease even while you’re on the go.
  • Minimal equipment needed- One of the advantages of calisthenics training in general is you need only a minimal amount of equipment to get started. In fact, a gym subscription is not even considered necessary. All you need are pull-up bars and parallel bars, equipment that can easily be seen in places from gyms to playgrounds. You can even do it freestyle workout style, using anything you can find outdoors to perform the exercises.
  • Can be used by all- The great thing about The Bar Brothers System is that it is effective regardless of your fitness level. Even if you are a beginner trying to get into shape or an advanced athlete trying to unlock the next level of your performance, there is something for everyone in The System.
  • Ample support- One thing Lazar and Dusan takes pride on is the amount of support they provide for their subscribers. A subscription to the system gives you free access to the Bar Brothers Family, a community of other System users that can help you in just about any way possible. Each week is also opened by a motivational by the Bar Brothers, a must when undertaking a grueling program such as this.

The Cons

  • Requires internet access- Some may see it as an advantage, but the internet-only platform of The Bar Brothers may also prove to be a disadvantage. All videos can only be accessed online, and you are not allowed to download any of the videos.
  • Requires commitment- If you will try The System, it is a must that you fully invest in it. Both your time and energy will be consumed by this program. You will be committing at least an hour for exercise 6 times a week, and each workout presents its own unique challenges. However, invest both your time and effort, and The System should prove rewarding for you.


Bar Brothers System is one of the best fitness programs out there today. Providing some unique advantages that you cannot get from other programs, it helps you unlock the remarkable benefits of using calisthenics, body weight exercises, and freestyle training. It is highly recommended for people of ages, gender, and level of fitness.