Animal Flow Workout

Animal Flow Workout reviews

Does Animal Flow Workout Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Mike Fitch's Program:

The Animal Flow Workout uses forms and movements that mimic those of various animals in some way. Some of the exercises duplicate the actual movements, while others are simply inspired by the style and rhythm with which a certain animal moves. The movements may look simple, but they will challenge your body in ways that no other workout will. You will be using every muscle group, large and small, throughout the movements, and will get a great cardiovascular workout in addition to stretching the muscles and forcing them to perform in new ways.

About the Author

Mike Fitch is a lifelong fitness buff who has worked as a strength coach, rehab specialist and nutritionist over his 12 year career as a fitness professional. Mike did not invent animal movements as exercise—he has been a student of this style of movement, and incorporates everything he has learned about this revolutionary type of exercise in his guide. Mike has always been a big proponent of bodyweight exercises, and animal movements take that style of training to a whole new place, breaking the mold of traditional movements and forcing the body to become more mobile, more flexible, stronger, and more balanced. On top of that, this style of exercise is just plain fun!

Animal Flow

Mike has fused different elements of several animal movement styles to create a program that is unique, challenging, and diverse in movement. He starts with teaching trainees simple warm up movements, and slowly progresses to complex sequences of movements that push every muscle in the body to its limits. Once you have all the moves and combos down you can get creative and make up your own. There are really no rules to animal movements.

Who is it for?

Any fitness buff who is looking to mix up their routine a bit and try something fresh and new will benefit from the Animal Flow Workout. Following this routine comes with many benefits including:

  • Replaces boring cardio workouts on the treadmill.
  • Improves endurance, strength and power.
  • Improves flexibility without performing boring stretching routines.
  • Challenges you with new movements and keeps your training fresh.
  • Provides impressive results through using your body in new ways
  • Adds a bit of fun to your tired old weight training routines.

What makes Animal Movements so great?

  • Enhanced Workouts: Improve agility, coordination, endurance, power, speed and strength in one workout.
  • Athletic Performance: The multi-planar movements in Animal Flow will increase overall athleticism and have more carryover into sports that require complex, coordinated movement patterns. You will be teaching your body to work as a single unit rather than a collection of individual muscles.
  • Cardiovascular Training: These workouts will burn a ton of calories and keep your heart rate elevated throughout the entire routine. As you progress you can perform combos with shorter rest periods in between to place a greater demand on the system.
  • Stability: The fluid, diverse movements you will perform improve stability in the joints and efficiently teach the body to coordinate load transfer from one joint to the next.
  • Mobility/Flexibility: Dynamic flexibility is improved with every workout as your muscles are stretched through a series of different movements.

The Animal Flow Workout is a refreshing departure from the usual weight training and cardio routines we have all been following for years. This program will give your training a much needed blood transfusion and push your body to new levels of fitness and mobility.