Acne No More Book Reviews

Acne No More reviews

Does Acne No More Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Mike Walden's Program:

Acne is a common skin condition that results in blemishes on the face, neck, shoulders and back often called zits or pimples. It is caused when too much oil is produced and clogs the pores of the skin. This can result in whiteheads, blackheads, or cystic acne beneath the skin. Acne is most common in teenager, as it is exacerbated by the accompanying hormonal changes that occur throughout puberty, but can affect individuals of any age.

Acne No More is an acne treatment guide that offers natural solutions for controlling acne breakouts and achieving a smooth blemish free complexion. It was developed by medical researcher and health consultant Mike Walden, and has been used for years by acne sufferers to minimize breakouts.

How Does it Work?

The Acne No More system is basically a comprehensive detoxification program that attacks acne at its roots. It traces acne back to the initial triggers that lead to the excessive production of sebum oil that clogs your pores and leads to unsightly blemishes. The removal of toxins from your system is a crucial first step in controlling the hormone fluctuations that precipitate the process. Throughout the guide Walden describes how one imbalance triggers the next, and how nipping this process in the bud halts the domino effect that causes blemishes.

Below I will describe what you will find in each of the book’s eight chapters so you will have a good idea of what the guide has to offer.

Chapter 1: Introduction

In the introduction Walden tells readers a bit about himself and how he created the treatment system included in the guide. He describes his own personal struggles with persistent acne and how he used the methods he is sharing to get it under control. He also describes the many benefits of taking the holistic approach to treatment rather than simply applying ineffective topical creams to existing blemishes—which just doesn’t work.

Chapter 2: The Truth about Acne

This chapter is a real eye-opener, and teaches readers some little known facts about acne while debunking many of the popular myths circulating about the condition. You will learn about the different types of acne and how they present, the difference between traditional medicine and natural medicine and their approaches to treatment, how hormonal imbalances can be caused by simple lifestyle choices, and much more. Walden also introduces the Acne Equation here, and shares a simple method for determining the severity of your acne problem.

Chapter 3: The Acne No More System

In chapter three you will be introduced to the core of the treatment system. The topics included in this chapter include:

  • The 5 Pillars of the Acne No More Treatment System
  • The Advanced Treatment System for Severe Cases
  • A “Quick Results” Mini Treatment Program
  • The Maintenance Plan for Keeping a Healthy Complexion

There is an unbelievable amount of helpful information crammed into this chapter. You will learn some basic rules about acne and how it affects the systems of the body, and in the quick results section you will be given 7 simple remedies that provide immediate relief from breakouts while the core treatment system is kicking in.

Chapters 4 and 5

In chapter 4 Walden explains why the treatment system he prescribes is so effective, as well as a number of nutritional tips for improving the results you achieve. He makes it clear that no one-pronged approach will eradicate acne, and that it must be attacked on several different fronts for best results. This is the crux of the holistic approach, and the benefits of it are really hammered home here.

In chapter 5 Walden includes a special bonus method for softening the skin and improving the complexion that takes just 30 seconds each day. This is a great tip, and provides instant results. A lot of emphasis in these two chapters is put on the complexity of the body’s hormonal system, and how simple things like the level of humidity in the air can have a significant effect on your acne.

Chapter 6: The NSC Plan

In this chapter you will learn how a series of simple lifestyle changes will prevent your acne from returning once the initial treatment phase is completed. Included is a list of foods that aggravate acne—and you will be quite surprised at which foods are on the list—and which aren’t. Some old wives tales about acne are debunked here, and some important facts about the relationship between food and acne are revealed.

Chapter 7

In chapter 7 Walden reveals some of the secondary causes of acne and how they should be managed to mitigate their effects. Some of these factors will surprise you, while some are just common sense, but the important thing is that you will be able to prevent these factors from exacerbating your condition in any way.

Chapter 8: External Skin Care

Chapter 8 is basically a bonus chapter that includes a lot of beauty tips for improving your complexion like steam treatments, homemade facials, and special blackhead removal techniques. The author recommends some of his favorite skin care products and tells you which types of products should be avoided, as they tend to clog pores and facilitate breakouts.

In the appendix you will find some great tips for eliminating scars left from previous breakouts, which could be permanent if not treated properly. This is pure gold, as many acne sufferers are forced to live with these scars forever.


To sweeten the pot Walden has included a number of valuable bonuses with your purchase including:

  • A 250 page guide to using natural remedies.
  • A guide full of basic tips for healthy living.
  • An eBook espousing the many benefits of water and staying hydrated.
  • Three months of free email support from mike Walden himself.

In Conclusion

Acne No More is a well established guide for treating acne breakouts naturally. Thousands of customers have used Mike Walden’s guide to improve their complexions and put their days of embarrassing breakouts behind them for good. Given the solid reputation the program has build over the years and the number of glowing testimonials to be found for it on the internet, it comes highly recommended for acne sufferers of all ages.