Power4Home System

Power4Home System 2.0 reviews

Does Power4Home System 2.0 Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of John Russell's Program:

With the explosion of green alternative energy in recent decades, many individuals are trying to do their part by using renewable resources for energy whenever possible. This often involves having solar panels installed or building wind or solar powered generators. The Power4Home System is a comprehensive guide which includes plans for building such generators at reduced costs and significantly reducing your energy costs and reliance on fossil fuels.

The guide was created by John Russell, an experienced electrician who discovered methods of building working generators for a fraction of the usual costs. John was motivated by the worldwide energy crisis and the steadily rising prices of crude oil—a limited resource, the use of which pollutes the environment. He knew most consumers would like to use alternative clean energy, but the costs of doing so were prohibitive, so people were stuck with what the utility companies provided. Having solar panels installed can cost upwards of $10,000, making it an unreasonable option for most normal folks.

Features of the System

John Russell’s guide includes plans for solar and wind powered electricity generators. These appliances can be built using items found at any hardware store, and for a total cost of only about $200. It is hard to believe that a family can achieve energy independence for such a minimal investment, but with the technology John shares in his guide it is possible.

Since plans are included for both kinds of generators, consumers can build the one that best suits the weather conditions in there locale. Those living in states that receive tons of sunshine would best be served by a solar generator, while those in windy areas with lots of cloudy days would do better with a wind powered turbine.

I know what you are thinking. Building a generator probably requires advanced electrical and engineering skills, and is something you can easily screw up. That used to be true, but with advances in technology and readily available solar cells, the construction is quite simple, and you can have a generator built in an afternoon!

Advantages of Power4Home System

Below is a list of some of the primary benefits of using this system to build your own generators:

  • It allows consumers to produce their own clean energy at a very reasonable cost. Given the rising prices of crude oil and electricity this is a major perk.
  • It uses renewable resources in an eco-friendly way, which is good for the environment and saves you lots of money.
  • The guide includes step by step plans for building solar and wind powered generators. The construction process is simple, the materials inexpensive, and the quality of the generators is top-notch.
  • Anyone with some basic tools and minimal knowledge can follow the instructions and build their own maximum output solar and wind powered generators.
  • The savings will pay for the system and materials in as little as three month’s time; and the more generators you build the more you can save.
  • The guide includes maintenance requirements as well as ways to protect your system from inclement weather.

Required Knowledge

The plans included in the system were written with beginners in mind, but it will be helpful if you have some basic carpentry and electrical knowledge. You can certainly get through the project without it, but it will be much easier if you have these skills. If you are a complete novice I recommend getting some help from a friend or family member who has some experience with this type of project. It will make the process go more smoothly and prevent time consuming or costly mistakes.

You could have a professional build the generator for you, but this will obviously increase the cost quite a bit, and defeats the purpose of the system.

What’s Included in the System

When you decide to purchase the system you will receive the following:

  • Three DIY guides for building your own solar powered system, building a wind turbine, and installing the generators in your home. Complete instructions for grid integration are also included.
  • As solar calculator you can use to figure out how many panels you will need based on the size and energy use of your home.
  • A list of parts suppliers where you can find the needed materials for the lowest possible prices.
  • A guide to reducing your energy usage which includes 83 tips for minimizing consumption and reducing your costs.
  • Additional technologies that you can use to reduce costs and energy use in your home.
  • Free lifetime updates and membership included.

It is rather amazing to think of how far we have come. That it is even possible to build your own solar panels and wind turbine speaks to the incredible advances science has given us in recent decades. With this breakthrough technology you can end your reliance on the power companies and produce energy that does no harm to the environment and uses no fossil fuels whatsoever.

An Ideal Solution

Power4Home is a wonderful resource for environmentally conscious homeowners who also want to reduce their energy costs and be more self sufficient. The easy to follow instructions for building your wind and solar powered generators make alternative energy accessible to almost anyone. We all know that moving to renewable energy sources is imperative for the future of our species and planet, and now we can all do our part to ensure that our children and grandchildren live on a hospitable planet.

The instructional videos included allow you to see every step of the construction process and how it is done. This will allow you to correctly assemble your unit even if you have little experience with carpentry or electrical. All you need is the required materials, which you can get for about $200, and a free weekend to complete the generator and install it in your home.

A Win/Win Situation

If you are tired to sending big checks to the power company every month and reading about the harm we are doing to our planet, get a copy of Russell’s guide and start producing your own green energy for pennies on the dollar.