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Home Made Energy reviews

Does Home Made Energy Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Ben Ford's Program:

The green energy movement has been making significant strides in recent years, and many individuals are interested in doing their part in the interest of the planet and their wallets. Until recently using solar or wind energy to power your home required a significant monetary investment, one that put it out of reach for most folks. However, new technological advances have made it possible for you to construct your own solar panels and wind turbine for the cost of one electric bill. Home Made Energy is a guide that teaches readers how to save thousands each year in energy costs for an initial investment of only $200. It was written by Ben Ford, a well known inventor and scientist.

In the book Ben provides clear, easy to follow instructions for building two kinds of electrical generators; one wind based and one solar based. The structure and geographical location of your property will determine which type of generator would best suit your needs, and this is all explained in the guide. You may even be able to benefit from building and using both.

About the Book

Home Made Energy is 17 chapters in length, and covers a wide variety of energy conserving information in addition to the plans for the generators. Seven video files are also included, and cover the building of the generators, so you could see every step of the process being done on screen. The book also contains a reference list for readers who would like to learn more about various types of alternative energy production and use.

Ford set out to create a guide that would allow regular folks to take advantage of solar and wind energy by building their own generators. The great thing about his plans is that you do not have to be an engineer or even have advanced carpentry skills to complete them. The instructions are written in laymen’s terms, and anyone with a few basic tools and eight grade reading comprehension can use them to construct a working generator. With power bills on the rise and resources dwindling, it is only logical that people are looking for ways to cut their costs and reliance on these resources.

Using solar and wind energy will not only save you a ton of money, but as these are renewable resources, we cannot ever run out of them. It is imperative that we take advantage of these resources and curb our reliance on fossil fuels.

An Economical Solution

One of the primary hurdles we face in transitioning to clean energy sources is the often exorbitant expenses that are involved. Traditional solar panels cost thousands to purchase and install. What Ben Ford has done with his book is provide a way for do it yourself enthusiasts interested in harnessing green energy to do so without the usual expense. His generator plans are simple, cost-effective, and produce clean, usable energy from day one.

What is most exciting about this is that this is just the beginning. Researchers are making new advances all the time that make using renewable energy sources easier and more affordable. If you can build your own wind and solar powered generators for a couple hundred bucks in 2013, imagine what we will be able to do in 2023! This is a major breakthrough for us and for our planet, and the more people like you and me who take advantage of this capability, the brighter the future looks for all of us.

What Is Included in the Guide?

  • Full plans and video instructions that guide readers through the process of constructing a solar based generator.
  • Instructions for using batteries to store the excess electricity created by your generator.
  • Plans for building your own wind turbine using readily available, inexpensive materials.
  • Six hours of videos that cover every aspect of the construction projects.

Home Made Energy has made solar and wind generated energy affordable to the masses, and is in invaluable resource for all home owners who want to decrease their energy expenses and do their part to protect the environment. You will even be able to create and store excess energy, which you can sell to the power companies for a profit if you wish!

Some of the Unique Tips and Information in the Book Includes:

  • Sources where you can purchase quality solar cells for bargain prices, and a crafty way to get them for next to nothing and significantly reduce your overall costs.
  • How to construct a working solar panel in only three hours and basically create your own miniature power plant.
  • A method that will allow you to put multiple solar panels into one array to generate more electricity. Using this method you can literally power your whole home with solar energy.
  • How to avoid the most common mistakes made in the building and use of solar panels. These tips will ensure that your panels last for many years.
  • An easy method for storing the extra electricity you generate and selling it back to the grid to further reduce your energy costs. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your meter running backwards, and having the power company cut you a check?
  • A little-known way to acquire high capacity batteries for significantly reduces prices—even free in some cases.
  • A complete list of all of the tools and materials you will need to get your generators built. All of these items can be purchased at your local hardware store for less than $200.

If you want to use green energy to power your home, but without the need to invest thousands in solar panels, Ben Ford’s guide is exactly what you have been looking for. It walks you through the entire process of constructing your own homemade power plant, and allows you to sleep easy at night knowing you are saving hundreds on energy costs and cutting your dependency on traditional electricity. This guide will certainly change the way we look at alternative energy forever!