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Does Zygor Guides Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of ZygorGuides.com's Program:

World of Warcraft involves a lot of strategy. Players must first choose the characters they will play. With 10 different categories to choose players from, this is hardly an easy decision. All players have specific strengths, capabilities and weaknesses, so which players you choose will depend on how you like to play. Some characters, like warriors, are best suited to playing an individual game, while a character like a priest is better suited to team play.

There are also professions to select, and these can be chosen based on the character categories you choose from. Primary professions will dictate a character’s ability to mine or craft useful items, while secondary professions dictate survival skills like hunting and fishing.

About Zygor WOW Leveling Guide

For some players, leveling as fast as possible is a priority, and that’s where the Zygor WOW Leveling Guide comes in. By taking advantage of the guide you can level much faster, with some claiming to go through all 80 levels in only a week. This is much faster than you’d be able to level without a guide. The latest guide also eliminates the need to swap back and forth between the guide and game windows.

The guide comes in the form of a plug-in that you’ll use with your regular WOW program. Once it’s installed you’ll notice some key changes to the interface of the game. There will be a dialogue box guiding you through the game, advising you as to which quests to complete, which steps to take, and where you can find necessary items. The information is very specific so you won’t have to waste any time deciphering cryptic hints. As you might imagine, this significantly speeds up the processes of the game.

To make it even easier, you will also see colored arrows telling you which direction to go. The arrows start off red, and as you get closer change to yellow and eventually green when you are very close to your next item. There is also a number telling you how many yards away the item is.

Why Choose the Zygor leveling guide?

The Zygor WOW Leveling Guide 3.0 has some robust new features including:

  • It will allow you to level all the way up to level 85 to attain the Loremaster achievement.
  • The guide is updated for cataclysm and Patch 4.2.
  • The GUI is customizable with minimalist and full view modes.
  • It supports dungeon leveling, pre-leveled, heirlooms and recruit-a-friend with the Smart Injection system.
  • The Loremaster Guide is included at no extra cost.
  • Talent point investment guidance with the Talent Build Advisor.

There are two different versions of the leveling guide depending on how you play. There is a guide for the horde as well as for the alliance, so if you only ply on one you’ll only need the guide for that faction. Once you purchase a guide you get free updates whenever an upgraded version is released.

How does the guide work?

The GUI in the Zygor WOW Leveling Guide is very easy to use. It includes a resizable window that provides everything you’ll need to complete the various leveling tasks down to the slightest detail. All of the guidance is in-game, so you’ll never have to scroll to a PDF or videos to get through a task—it’s all in the dedicated guide window. The guide will always choose the fastest path available to level as quickly as possible.

The waypoint arrow included in the newest version allows you to complete tasks in record time, and the new version also features automation so you’ll never have to switch windows yourself—it also selects the next quest by itself.

The guide also keeps track of where you’re at in your quest so you won’t have to remember yourself. You’ll also be able to start on any level you like using the new and improved interface to easily scroll from level to level.

What about bonuses?

There are also some cool bonuses you get with your purchase including:

  • Free Lifetime Updates
  • Talent Build Guide
  • Nether Drake Mount Guide
  • Knight Class Guide
  • Inscription Profession Leveling Guide

Not for Everybody

Does everyone who plays WOW need a leveling guide? The answer is probably not. Some players focus more on aspects of the game besides leveling, so the guide wouldn’t be of much use to them. However, if you’re interested in leveling as fast as possible, this guide is the best there is!