Peng Joon WOW Secrets Review

WOW Secrets reviews

Does WOW Secrets Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Peng Joon's Program:

Serious gamers expect quality games—and they are not shy about speaking up when a game lets them down. On the other side of that coin, avid gamers will gladly pay for a game and accompanying guides if it provides an exceptionally challenging, interesting, and unexpected gaming experience. World of Warcraft is a prime example—even though it requires a monthly subscription fee it has 10 million happy gamers willing to pay it because they thoroughly enjoy playing. The fee also allows the game developers to make new content on a regular basis to keep players engaged.

Peng Joon’s Guide

As a WoW enthusiast, it was highly recommended by several fellow players that I check out Peng Joon’s WoW Secrets guide. I figured that all of my friends couldn’t be wrong, so I got myself a subscription. I was immediately impressed by the massive amount of information the guide contained; this wasn’t just a gold guide or a leveling guide, it was a thorough game guide that covered every aspect of the WoW experience.

When I checked out some specific topics I found the information to be completely up to date and extremely detailed in nature. There were role guides, class guides, dungeons—everything I could think of was there. I particularly liked the gold and auctions guide. I’d go into more detail about the actual contents, but out of respect for Joon I’ll just say that you won’t be disappointed with this guide—it is comprehensive, insightful, and obviously put together by a master.

An Evolving Guide for an Evolving Game

WoW is a constantly changing and evolving game, so Joon designed his guide to be the same way. The guide is constantly being updated in consideration of the most recent changes, so you’ll never be stuck with outdated information like you are with so many other guides. You’ll get a fully updated version of the guide each month with your subscription, so you’ll always know the latest tricks.

Before I got Joon’s guide I pretty much relied on free into I could find on the web. Sites like Elitist Jerks were helpful, but I have to be honest—they weren’t anywhere near as helpful as Joon’s guide is. They almost never updated their information, and were not nearly as thorough as the guide. Not to mention, I’d have to cruise to 4 or 5 sites looking for information I can easily find in the guide in 5 seconds.

Is it Worth the Price?

The guide is great, but I do have one gripe about it. I understand that WoW is a dynamic game that is constantly changing, but I’m not thrilled about having to pay a monthly subscription for the guide. This could just be me being a big cheapskate (which I am), but I just had to vent. Do I think the guide is worth the subscription fee? Yes, definitely. Do I like paying it every month? No, I’m cheap. Okay, my rant is over. The good thing is the guide comes with a guarantee, so if you get a monthly update that you don’t feel was worth the subscription fee you can get your money back. I haven’t used it yet—and doubt I will, but it’s cool that they offer it.