Dugi Warcraft Leveling Guide

WOW Leveling Guide reviews

Does WOW Leveling Guide Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Dave Farrell's Program:

World of Warcraft can be a pretty difficult game to play—especially when you first get started. There are lots of different characters and weapons to learn, items to find, and gold to earn, so the game can seem quite overwhelming to beginners. For this reason many players choose to acquire a WOW leveling guide to take some of the guesswork out of playing. There are several of these guides available, but the one I’ll be discussing in detail in the following paragraphs is Dugi's Alliance Horde Leveling Guide, one of the most popular leveling guides on the market.

Dugi Guides are extremely well known among World of Warcraft enthusiasts. This guide is designed to help WoW players get to level 85 as quickly as possible with any character they choose to play. It provides invaluable tips on properly constructing your builds, what rotations to use, and many other aspects of the game.

The Evolution of Dugi’s WoW Guide

Dugi's guide has evolved quite a bit since it was first created in 2005. It started as a simple written guide, later became an in-game guide, and most recently the fully automatic V4 was released. The latest incarnation promises to get players up to level 85 as quickly as possible using:

  • automatic waypoints
  • fully automatic step detection
  • optimal quest order
  • works on 3 quests at a time
  • automatic quest history tracking
  • sync your character with the guide

Who is Dugi?

Dave Farrell (AKA Dugi), an expert veteran WoW player and web designer, created this leveling guide. Dugi has been a gaming enthusiast since the early days of Nintendo and Atari, and has logged countless 7 hour days playing Wow over the years. He has attained level 80 with several different WoW characters.

All the Right Moves

Dugi’s guide is easy to follow, and does not require any previous level of skill playing WoW. The step detection feature keeps track of every step your character makes. The quest item feature lets you know what items you need to collect and how to acquire them. Items automatically appear—all you have to do is click on them. The automatic waypoints feature points you in the direction you need to go in so you will always be on the most direct path to your next goal. The automatic class detection feature adjusts your steps to precisely match the current class of your character so you’ll never miss important class quests. All the great new features in V4 make it easier than ever to master World of Warcraft and effortlessly cruise through the levels.

Dugi's WoW Leveling Guide allows you to level as quickly as possible. Dugi obviously knows what he is doing, and always recommends the absolute fastest way to complete any given task involved in the various aspects of the game. If you’re in the market for a WoW leveling guide I highly recommend giving Dugi’s guide a try—you won’t be disappointed.