Become A Game Tester Review

Become A Game Tester reviews

Does Become A Game Tester Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Mathew Johnson's Program:

It’s no secret that there are thousands—perhaps millions—of avid gamers who would love to work as official game testers. Talk about a dream job! What could be better than playing new games all day and suggesting how they could be improved? Unfortunately, it’s not exactly easy to land a job like this. Every gamer from here to the end of the world jump at this opportunity, but if you don’t know how to get your foot in the door, a career in this industry will be little more than a pipe dream.

Insider Tips from a Working Professional

Become a Game Tester is an eBook written by professional game tester Matthew Johnson. In it he gives you a peek inside the industry and explains how gaming companies go about filling these coveted positions. Getting your first testing job is the hardest part, but with Johnson’s advice you chances will instantly skyrocket. He comes clean and shares all the tricks he’s learned over the years working in the industry. From the application process to the interview and salary negotiation, he leaves no stone unturned. If your dream is to get paid to do what you love and work as a professional game tester, there is no better resource out there.

What Will I Learn from the Book?

The book is 80 pages long, and is crammed with tips on how to put you light years ahead of the pack when applying for a game testing position. You will learn exactly what gaming companies are looking for in applicants, and how to put together a resume that will stand out from the rest. Johnson also tells you how to find the hidden job opportunities that you never see advertised, and be among the few who apply for them. You’ll get a list of over 100 game companies in the US and another 150 companies around the world that are always looking for quality testers.

There is also a complete section on how to handle your interview to ensure that you get the job. This is crucial, as many qualified applicants blow their chances of getting hired by showing a lack of professionalism during their interviews. You don’t want to be one of those guys, so read this section very carefully. Another section covers the testing assignments you will get, and how to impress your employers every time with professional reports. How you handle your first assignment will determine your future with the company, so special emphasis is placed on nailing it.

What About Other Game Testing Courses?

I have checked out a total of six courses on this subject, and there is a good reason that this is the one I chose to write about. It exceeded my expectations from the first page, and is by far the most complete guide on becoming a professional game tester I have come across. It also comes with some relevant bonus products that sweeten up the pot even more. There is no reason to hesitate on this one—it’s the real deal.

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