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Does Abeona Guide Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Abeona's Program:

The Abeona Guide is an advanced leveling guide for the popular game Skyrim. I have tried several leveling guides for Skyrim, and I must say that this guide is at the top of my list. It helped me advance more quickly than any of the other guides I have tried, and revealed so many cool secrets about Skyrim that I never would have figured out on my own. When I first starting playing the game I wasn’t using any kind of guide, and was just making things up as I went along. This was fun for a bit, but I was soon frustrated by my lack of progress.

At this point I started searching for leveling guides to see what was out there. I had some cash to burn at the time, and was totally hooked on the game, so I bought a few different guides. I spent the next week playing around with them to see what they could do for my gameplay. Two of them were pretty decent, but the Abeona Guide quickly rose to the top, and is the one I continue to use.

Using the guide I was able to make it from level 6 to level 43 in only 15 days! The guide led me through each quest with precision, and I never got stuck. Playing the game at this speed was a revelation for me—I was hooked on this guide! Below I’ll discuss a few of the individual features I like about it.

PDF Format

Since the guide is in electronic format, I was able to download it to my phone right after making the purchase. Whenever I want to look at it I just whip out my phone and it is right there.

It Covers All of the Basics

The guide is broken up into sections that teach you how to master all of the basics of Skyrim. I learned all about combat basics, character building, and how to navigate through each of the races.

Easy Questing

There are specific instructions for each quest right there in the PDF, so I was able to find what I was looking for quickly every time.

Colorful Maps

Tamariel comes to live in the beautifully colored maps that are included in the guide. This really helped me get a visual of the land and gain a deeper understanding of the levels.

Crafts, Magic, Skills

Everything you’ll ever want to know about crafts, magic, and various game skills is discussed at length in the guide. You will learn how to use them all to their maximum abilities to progress in the game.

Some Awesome Bonuses

As if the guide wasn’t enough on its own, you also get two cool bonuses with your purchase:

  • Game Cheats: learn how to get a free house and infinite XP and Daedric Arrows.
  • Free Lifetime Updates: when Skyrim is updated, the guide is as well.

The cherry on top is that the Aboena Guide comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, so if it doesn’t live up to its promises, you can get a full refund.

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