Complete Private Pilot

Complete Private Pilot reviews

Does Complete Private Pilot Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Bruce Hogan's Program:

Bruce Hogan is an experienced pilot and pilot instructor with years of experience in the cockpit. In his course Complete Private Pilot Training he shares all of his secrets to becoming an accomplished pilot, and lays out a clear plan to getting licensed. Bruce has a reputation for being one of the best in the business, and his course has been used by thousands of aspiring pilots to pursue their dreams of flight.

I can’t spill all of the details of the course here, but I will give you a sneak peak and share some of Hogan’s secrets to give you a good idea of what you will get from this top notch training program.

1. Do Your Homework: Be sure to take your time when researching potential flight training schools. Find out the total cost of the program and plan on spending a little more for extra flight lessons. Be sure to look at both the academic and practical parts of the program, and choose a school that has a great reputation for producing quality pilots.

2. Visit the Schools in Person: All of the brochures and testimonials in the world won’t tell you as much as an actual visit to the school. Talk to other students to find out what they think of the program. Pay attention to the vibe around campus, and meet some of the flight instructors. Do they seem like individuals you want to learn from? Do they have the respect of the students? The answers to these questions will help you evaluate the programs.

3. Dedication is the Key: Make sure you have the time to fully immerse yourself in the program, as this will be necessary for you to excel. You should be able to put the other aspects of your life on hold a bit to concentrate on your studies, as they will be quite challenging, and having too many distractions can impede your progress.

4. Take It Seriously: Becoming a pilot is not something you can accomplish easily in your spare time. You will have to put in a lot of effort during your classes, homework assignments, and practical lessons. Students who take the course too lightly will find themselves quickly falling behind.

5. Set Concrete Goals: The more you challenge yourself to succeed, the better you are likely to do. Don’t settle for passing; strive to be the best in the class. Strive to master the skills you are being taught as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

6. Don’t Look for Shortcuts: There are no shortcuts to find. Becoming a great pilot is about practicing the skills over and over until they become second nature. There are no tricks that make this process any easier. Remember, perfect practice makes perfect action.

These tips just skim the surface of Bruce Hogan’s course. There are hundreds of more specific tips that will give you a leg up on the competition and push you to the top of your class. The course contains more than 2,000 pages of handbooks, FAA manuals, test prep courses and training videos all designed to make your journey to become a pilot as easy as possible.