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Traffic Blackbook reviews

Does Traffic Blackbook Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Chad Hamzeh's Program:

The Traffic Blackbook website, unlike other internet marketing programs that just promise quick income with little work, claims that the secret to earning money in this niche is to take advantage of the opportunities available to get free traffic to your offer. The author, Chad Hamzeh, comes down pretty hard on the so-called internet marketing gurus who make money off of people’s desperation (and laziness). Chad claims that his method is much different, and though it will require some work, will provide aspiring internet marketers with methods that actually work.

The Traffic Blackbook, as you probably have already guessed, is all about generating traffic to whatever type of offer you’re promoting. There are countless ways of driving traffic, and the methods in Chad’s book emphasize free or low cost ways of driving targeted traffic to your offer. What I found refreshing about the sales page for Traffic Blackbook is that it wasn’t full of hyped-up, too good to be true promises like so many others are. There were no ridiculous claims that I could make $1,000 per day with only 10 minutes of work. The author made it clear that the system required work—but that the work would pay off using his system.

The updated Traffic Blackbook for 2013 emphasizes that the major search engines are not the only place marketers can get traffic from, and that, in fact, marketers can find much cheaper (even free) sources of traffic elsewhere. Each module of the program goes into great details about one method of traffic and how to use it to your advantage.

What’s great about this system is that it teaches you about multiple sources of traffic. Many traffic guides online outline one method, with many of them being temporary “tricks” that won’t even work 3 months from now. The Traffic Blackbook, on the other hand, provides you with several evergreen methods of driving quality traffic and building a solid business. To keep the material on the bleeding edge, the author includes regular updates that include new information and trends occurring in internet marketing. With this program you’ll never be relying on last year’s information.

Cost of the Program

The original price of the Traffic Blackbook was $97—but you can now get it for less than half of that price, a mere $47. The instant download you’ll have access to after your purchase will contain written and video tutorials as well as a customized pay-per-click tool to help you set up PPC campaigns if you choose to go that route. This bonus alone is worth $199.

What makes Chad Hamzeh’s Traffic Blackbook so Effective?

  1. The book is an in-depth traffic generating course with over sixteen hours of lessons covering several traffic driving techniques.
  2. Traffic black book teaches internet marketers how to use CPA (cost per action) marketing to make a great income online.
  3. Those who have prior marketing experience will learn new techniques to improve upon their skill set and double their current earnings.
  4. There is an affiliate program for the product, which means you can promote it to other marketers and make good money every time you make a sale. Since the program is so effective it’s easy to promote, and I’ve made 5 sales just recommending it to friends in the business. They all love the course as much as I do, and have thanked me for recommending it to them.
  5. This doesn’t contain the same old rehashed information about CPA marketing that countless other products do. These are solid methods, and I’ve learned more about CPA marketing from this course than all of the others I’ve read combined. CPA marketing is great because you can get paid when people simply fill out free offers. This means you don’t even have to get people to buy a product or service to make money!

To show prospective customers how confident he is in his product, the author offers a 60-day money back guarantee with your purchase. You can try it for 8 weeks and if you’re not impressed, you can ask for your money back with no questions asked. Of course, I doubt you will have to take advantage of that, as this is one program that actually delivers what is promised.