Local Mobile Monopoly Review

Local Mobile Monopoly reviews

Does Local Mobile Monopoly Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Adam Horwitz's Program:

Over 5 billion people now use mobile phones, and over 50 million of these own smart phones. The internet has been moving in the direction of mobile compatibility for years now, and mobile marketing has become the new hot topic in internet marketing circles. Local Mobile Monopoly teaches marketers how to take advantage of the mobile trend and cash in on the billions of worldwide mobile users.

Program Creators

Local Mobile Monopoly is the second program developed by internet marketing prodigies Adam Horowitz and Tim Donovan, and it is meant to help you create ads for a relatively untapped market—cell phone users near your local area.

In Mobile Monopoly, Horowitz and Donovan showed their audience how to market their products and services to mobile phone users. The program focused on the basics of mobile marketing, and was very well received by the internet marketing community.

Local Mobile Monopoly can be considered as the second installment of Mobile Monopoly. However, what distinguishes Local Mobile Monopoly from its predecessor is that it's concentrates on local and offline businesses. Although the marketing principles remain unchanged, what's important to remember is that your goals are different. Local Mobile Monopoly is all about matching the needs of local customers with the available supplies of local businesses.

Mobile: The New Frontier in Internet Marketing

Marketing directly to prospective clients using mobile devices is fairly new for many internet marketing professionals. Even though major cell phone companies have been advertising this way for years, there are still plenty of untapped niches for people who are prepared to take advantage of these opportunities.

Many internet marketers have decided to expand their operations to include cell phone marketing, and they've been making some serious profits. If you're willing to expand beyond the traditional internet, Local Mobile Monopoly is the way to go.

It's also worth noting that there are plenty of great reviews about Tim and Adam's previous courses. So if past experience is anything to go by, Local Mobile Monopoly may indeed be a very good investment for those who wish to further their internet marketing careers.

Local Mobile Monopoly Course Components

When you purchase Local Mobile Monopoly you’ll get 10 video modules that explain how to market to local (and other potential) customers. The videos will teach you the latest cutting edge strategies that are working in mobile marketing, including the most effective ways to approach businesses and close deals. You will get all the information you need to start getting clients and making money right away.

Custom Business Finder Tool

In addition to the video modules you will also get the custom business finder tool, which allows you to easily find prospective customers in your local area. Using this tool you’ll be able to build a list of potential customers in minutes.

Local Mobile Monopoly is a comprehensive mobile marketing course, and provides marketers with all the knowledge and tools they’ll need to break into mobile and cash in this virtually limitless new opportunity. If you follow the course to the letter you your venture into mobile marketing will be a success.