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FB Influence reviews

Does FB Influence Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Amy Porterfield's Program:

Facebook has become much more than a place to post updates and find friends. For internet marketers it provides a source of virtually unlimited traffic. Millions of people spend countless hours per day perusing the site, and the advertising potential is through the roof. Some of you may have already run campaigns on Facebook and even earned some money. What if there was a program that could teach you precise methods that could double or quadruple your ad profits? Would you be interested to learn these methods?

FB Influence does just that. The program was created by Amy Porterfield, who has built a successful career out of her knowledge about leveraging the awesome power of this social media giant. Amy has many years of experience with Facebook marketing, and her credentials are quite impressive. She not only co-authored Facebook Marketing for Dummies, but she also worked for Anthony Robbins on his own Facebook marketing strategy! I think it’s fair to say when it comes to Facebook marketing she’s the person you want to learn from.

What’s in the Program?

Facebook Influence contains 4 modules of training videos that cover every detail you’ll need to know to create winning campaigns over and over. The information does not just graze the surface and teach the basics—it includes advanced methods and testing techniques that you won’t find in any other course. The program also comes with bonus materials that teach students how to take their marketing efforts to another level for even greater profits.

The program is ideal for entrepreneurs in internet marketing who want to maximize returns from their Facebook marketing efforts. We know how powerful Facebook is—no you’ll learn how to take advantage of that power and harness it for yourself to grow your business. Take the guesswork out of your Facebook campaigns and let Amy Porterfield teach you the tricks that have made her a leading authority on Facebook marketing.

FB Influence Modules

The program contains 4 separate modules:

1. The Foundation for Facebook Success: The author teaches you the exact techniques she has used to create thousands of successful campaigns. You’ll learn how to create your own branded Facebook page, how to use the available tools to your advantage, and how to search for a community manager for your page.

2. Growing a Lucrative Fan Base: Here you will learn five different strategies to build your fan base as well as advanced strategies for lead generation. You’ll also learn how to use social plug-ins to expand your marketing reach.

3. Creating Massive Engagement: Building a relationship with your friends and fans on Facebook is the key to your marketing success. This module discusses the best ways to go about doing that and covers some common mistakes people make that sabotage their marketing efforts. You’ll learn advanced engagement strategies as well as how to use inbuilt monitoring tools to gauge your progress.

4. Fans into Super Fans: This module is all about keeping your fans engaged and interested in your products or services. There are several methods in this module that include ways to optimize your campaigns, clever use of photos on your page, and customer service tips that are meant to create a lasting relationship with your fan base.

FB Influence Bonuses

Instead of offering low quality bonuses that don’t directly relate to her program, Amy Porterfield has created exciting bonus products that pick up where the main course leaves off to increase the success of your campaigns. The bonuses cover many topics including:

  • How to effectively an affordably outsource the management of your social media campaigns.
  • How to turn Facebook fans into newsletter subscribers and paying customers.
  • How some of Facebook’s newer features can be used to supercharge your marketing efforts.
  • How to take advantage of Facebook Places and the 4 kinds of Facebook Deals that are offered.

When these bonuses are used in conjunction with all of the methods you’ll learn in the core program, you’ll literally be using Facebook like a true expert to promote your business. The course is so thorough that no detail is left uncovered. I’ve purchased a couple other Facebook programs in the past, and I have to say that Facebook Influence blows them both away. This one inexpensive program will teach you everything you need to know to profit from Facebook.