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Does Easy Video Suite Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of EasyVideoSuite.com's Program:

Easy Video Suite is software that enables webmasters to embed hosted videos on their sites quickly and easily. With the growing popularity of video, having the capability to effortlessly add it to your sites is crucial. Video adds a more professional look and feel to your site, and allows visitors who may not feel like reading an article get the gist of your message by watching. Many news and entertainment sites are offering both a video and a written version of their stories, and this strategy has been quite well received.

Amazon Web Services

Easy Video Suite works with Amazon Web Services, which allows you to host all of your video files on their servers and embed them using the player on your web pages. You can host your videos yourself, but the service Amazon offers has so many great features that I cannot see why you wouldn’t want to take advantage of it.

Therefore, I recommend signing up for an Amazon Web Services account so you can get the most benefit from Easy Video Suite. The signup process is quick and easy, and you will be up and running in minutes. Instructions for signing up are included in the user’s manual for EVP.

Installation the Software

EVP requires you to have your own hosting account, and any cheap hosting program will do. It just needs to have MySQL and PHP 5 to be compatible. Once it is installed you can use EVP to embed videos on your blogs, squeeze pages, and any other pages associated with your hosted domain(s).

If you can install Wordpress, you will have no problem installing EVP, as the process is quite similar. The manual will walk you through every step of the installation, which should only take 10 minutes or so. You will have to create a MySQL database for EVP and change a few file permissions. Once the database is created and configured you can complete the installation as you would for Wordpress. Not familiar with Wordpress? This is not a problem, as the manual assumes no prior knowledge, and spells out all of the particulars for you.

User Interface

The user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate. Once inside you will be guided through it with a wizard that walks you through the process of uploading and embedding your videos. Once you have completed the process it will be a breeze in the future, so pay close attention to the wizard during the initial run.

Using the tabs in the control panel you can upload new videos, check on existing embedded files, and view the statistics for your hosted videos.

EVP Features

Easy Video Suite has a ton of additional features, and this is where it really separates itself from other video software. I have used a handful of other solutions, and nothing even comes close to what EVP can do! Some of the noteworthy features of the software include:

  • The ability to insert an opt-in field in the actual video
  • Options for “buy it now” buttons in and around a video
  • Navigation options for when the video finishes playing

Changing the Face of Video Marketing

These impressive features have forever changed the way video marketing is done, and will let you bring your customers a new kind of viewing experience. You will see more subscribers, more sales, and start making higher conversion rates thanks to these revolutionary new features. The many options EVP offers will allow you to test and tweak every aspect of your video sales funnel to ensure maximum conversions and profits.

Easy Video Suite also keeps stats on every video embedded on your sites, so you can evaluate performance and split test different approaches. You will immediately know what is working best, and have all the tools you need to optimize your campaigns right at your fingertips.

In Summary

Easy Video Suite gives video marketers a host of new and improved tools for turning their videos into conversions. It is affordable, easy to use, and requires no technical skills. If you have been struggling with making video a prominent feature on your sites I highly recommend you get EVP and take advantage of Amazon Web Services as well. These professional services will add a whole new dimension to your sites, and turn up the volume (and the profits) on your video marketing campaigns.

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