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Chris Farrell Membership reviews

Does Chris Farrell Membership Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Chris Farrell's Program:

Chris Farrell is a rather well known internet marketer and coach. His membership website includes a comprehensive step by step course in which he shows beginning marketers how to break into the industry and start making money online. There are quite literally thousands of guides out there for internet marketers, so you are probably wondering if Farrell’s site is bringing anything new to the table, and if it is worth the price of membership. In the following paragraphs we’ll take a closer look at what he’s offering so you can decide for yourself if it is a good option for you.

The Member’s Area

The member’s area of Chris Farrell’s site contains a ton of information, so you may be overwhelmed when you first enter. Luckily, clear instructions are provided in which he tells you where to start and how to proceed through the various sections. Internet marketing requires you to be something of a jack of all trades, so there are many different skills you will be learning. Chris makes it clear that, while there is a lot to cover, the skills themselves are fairly easy to acquire, and before you know it you will have a whole new set of valuable abilities that will make you money.

Once you get through the introductory information you will be directed to the “21 Days to Success” module of the site. In this section you start learning the basics like how to get a website up and running and set up campaigns. It covers the various methods of driving traffic to your site and discusses the pros and cons of each. If you are brand new to internet marketing you will find this section to be pure gold. The information is clear and concise, and it would take weeks to figure it out on your own.

Getting Off on the Right Foot

Not only do you learn the individual skills you need to become a working internet marketer, but Chris also gives you the bigger picture of how it all fits together, and how you can optimize your time and effort for best results. Within the 21 day period you will acquire all of the necessary skills you will need to accomplish the daily tasks involved in online marketing.

You may not be making money yet at the three weeks mark, but you will have the tools and knowledge you need to start building profitable campaigns. Once you have built a solid foundation in this section it will be time to put your new skills to work and start bringing in some cash.

The following sections all deal with different aspects of marketing, and go on to provide valuable information about using these tools to your advantage. Some of these topics include:

Keyword Research

In this section Chris shows marketers how to search for key words to target with their campaigns. The object here is to find search terms that you can rank for easily in the search engines, which will make it easy and inexpensive to start getting visitors to your site. The information in this section is fairly basic, but all of the necessary bases are touched upon, and a number of tools are recommended to make the task easier. If you know a lot about key word research you may be somewhat underwhelmed with the content here, but as this course is designed for beginners, I think it includes everything it should.

Search Engine Optimization

If there is one skill that all good internet marketers should master it is search engine optimization—which actually consists of a number of skills. In this section you will learn how to structure and optimize the content on your site for better SERP positioning. This is referred to as “on site optimization”. You will also learn how to build quality back links to your pages using social media, article marketing and other effective methods.

This section, like the previous one, does a good job of covering the basics, but does not include anything beyond them. It is ideal for “newbies” to SEO, but will offer experienced marketers very little in the way of new information, further emphasizing my earlier assessment that this course is designed specifically for beginners. If you are looking for advanced information about SEO, including how the “Panda” update has changed the game, you will have to look elsewhere.

Video Marketing

In this module you will learn how to use video sites like YouTube and Daily Motion as part of your marketing strategy. Chris walks you through the process of creating videos using free software, and then shows you how to create accounts on the popular video sites and upload your videos to them. Again, this just scratches the surface of video marketing, but it does cover the basics, and includes some helpful tips for creating professional looking videos without spending much money. I would have liked to have seen a bit more regarding different strategies for video marketing here, but I will say that the information provided is a pretty good start.

A Solid Foundation

This pattern continues throughout the remaining sections. I think of this site as a survey course on internet marketing. It covers all of the key topics, and provides some basic instructions for getting started, but does not dig much deeper into the nuances of specific or advanced techniques. You can look at this in a couple different ways. In a positive light, the simplicity of the course allows beginners to grasp the many different aspects of internet marketing without getting overwhelmed with too much in the way of specifics. If I were being critical I might point out that the course only covers the basics, and you will need further instruction to become a more advanced marketer.

Becoming a member of Chris Farrell’s site will make you a jack of all trades—but, as the old saying goes—a master of none. This is not a dig against the course; I just want to make sure you have realistic expectations for the content and what it will teach you. Farrell clearly designed his course for those who are just dipping their toes into the stream of internet marketing, and need a broad understanding of how it works. If you fall into this category you will benefit greatly from becoming a member.