Daz3D Studio Review & Coupon

Daz3D Studio Overall Rating: 4.35 Stars

DAZ 3D is a leading provider of materials for 3D modeling and rendering. Whether you are a seasoned animation professional or an enthusiast excited at the prospect of creating their own images, DAZ offers incredibly affordable and high end solutions.


It started with a 3D platform solution called Poser. Aimed at artists and hobbyists, Poser was engineered with production processes and a library of models that allowed the creation of scenes with human figures. Users could add clothes, hair, eyeglasses and more. They could mold the faces to create unique characters. After which, users were able to enhance the scene with cars, furnishings, space ships and more.

DAZ 3D was originally part of Zygote Media, another 3D content broker. Employees Dan Farr and Chris Creek split off in 2000. They wanted to focus on content for the fast growing Poser market. This wasn't unusual at the time. Poser's impact was phenomenal and the need for content ended up creating websites like Renderosity, RuntimeDNA, Poserworld and many others. Even today, there are still a great number of sites focused on creating Poser content, but now they lean as much toward DAZ 3D as Poser.

This was the result of once content-only DAZ 3D creating their own proprietary scene creator, DAZ Studio. The company knew it would have a tough road competing with Poser, so it took an exceptional marketing move by offering DAZ Studio for free. This gave anyone that wanted to play with 3D posing and animation an opportunity to do so without spending the average $200 on Poser, let alone the thousands one would need to spend for a higher end solution like Lightwave.

Eventually, DAZ would start designing inventory for exclusive use in DAZ Studio, giving them an unique library of product for its software. They would also start offering a paid version of DAZ Studio with advanced features and functionality. DAZ would eventually start acquiring and selling other applications for 3D processing, like Bryce and Carrara. They smartly engineered all their solutions for compatibility, making it easy to move DAZ scenes into Bryce or for creating models in Carrara that could be used in DAZ Studio.

Daz3D Studio Review & Coupon

The Evolution of 3D Human Figures

While Poser long remained the driving force in the low cost 3D universe, DAZ easily became the leader in human figures. The first generations of the Millennium Woman and Man were released at the turn of the century. They became so popular, updated versions were regularly released, but renamed Victoria and Michael. The demand was insatiable. DAZ would release Stephanie, Aiko, the Millennium Girls and Boys, not to mention a zoo's worth of animals, fantasy characters, monsters and much, much more. The human figures had many different textures, a layer of material that could create unique characters. Features allowed exacting adjustments of every part of the body for posing.

Today, DAZ's technology has reached the Genesis stage. Genesis are male and female figures with some of the most life like human composing available in 3D. The Genesis figure has revolutionary architecture, providing exceptional control, movement, articulation, broad morphing technology and specific gender sculpting. Clothing that was once reliable if stilted now promised better fitting, creating a stunning flow and draping. Genesis - currently in its seventh generation - and DAZ Studio still remains accessible to the amateur, but its sophistication has moved the solutions in Hollywood, books covers, and freelance art and design. The versatility is nothing less than amazing. Whether your thing is science fiction, Norman Rockwell or action/adventure, DAZ can accommodate your tastes.

The Flexibility of DAZ Studio

Comic book fans who couldn't draw a straight line use DAZ's solutions to create their own graphic novels.

Professional artists use DAZ to create scenes as reference material.

You can find DAZ in "Jurassic World," "Oz the Great and Powerful" and the Star Trek films, just to name a few.

Due to its affordability, DAZ solutions have been embraced by independent film, music video production, backgrounds and concept design.

Once considered by the comic industry to be a pathetic attempt at creating artists, many artists who have grown up with Poser and DAZ are using 3D solutions for their creations.

DAZ has become a go-to for book covers.

Thousands of users have become animators thanks to DAZ Studio's easy to manage production process.

Bringing the Best of 3D to Everyone

With its reputation and access to one of the most thriving 3D communities on the web, it's not surprising DAZ has attracted the world's most exceptional artists, including:

AprilYSH. A leader in hair props and facial hair with distinct features that can make hair "move," creating effects like wind or rain.

TheAntFarm. An actual comic book artist himself, TheAntFarm is a versatile 3D content provider. His library includes lightning bugs, server farms, mech walkers and autopsy rooms.

4BlueEyes. From provocative fantasy attire to summer dresses and turtlenecks, users look forward to any product coming out of 4BlueEyes.

Stonemason. Undoubtedly the most famous name in 3D content. The biggest complaint about his work is its so realistic, human figures cannot match the reality.


DAZ 3D is revered in the 3D community, not just for its product, but its level of customer service. They have a no-questions-asked 30 day guarantee. They will refund right away or provide you with a gift certificate at your preference. DAZ has an active forum that can be as argumentative as it can be enthusiastic. It's a world where artists support each other and learn about 3D and DAZ.

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From its humble beginnings as an affordable content provider, DAZ became a leader in humanoid figures and offered the best scenes and props. Today, they own some of the most successful 3D solutions that a professional or hobbyist could find. But what makes DAZ 3D stand out is accessibility. With their people and creatures, clothes and accessories, vehicles and environments - over 16,000 products - DAZ empowers anyone that wants to create.