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Does Raw Food Recipe Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Kristen Suzanne's Program:

Kristen Suzanne has been a raw food advocate and chef for years, and has written several books espousing the virtues of the raw food lifestyle. She has been very active in the raw food movement, and enjoys helping people make the transition to the raw food lifestyle.

Her Raw Food Recipe Ebooks collection contains 11 books with hundreds of recipes and tips for eating a satisfying, balanced, and healthy raw food diet. Suzanne believes that a raw food diet is the healthiest diet a person can eat, and her creative recipes make “going raw” easier than ever.

The Raw Food Recipe Collection

The eleven books in this collection include:

  1. Raw Transition Recipes: This book is perfect for new raw foodies looking to make the transition from cooked food to raw. The recipes are easy to make, and contain many of the flavors and textures in cooked foods to make the transition easier on the palate.
  2. Raw Vegan Entrees: This recipe book is full of raw food entrees that will replace cooked food dinners without leaving you hungry and craving hot food.
  3. Easy Raw Desserts: Did you think you would have to go without desserts to make the raw transition? Who could do such a thing? There are dozens of delicious raw, vegan desserts in this book to satisfy your sweet tooth.
  4. Raw Salads and Dressings: Dozens of creative salads full of interesting colors, flavors and textures, along with some great homemade dressings to compliment them.
  5. Easy Raw Soups: You will be amazed at the variety of broth based and pureed soups in this guide, and the creative uses of vegetables that make them shine.
  6. Easy Raw Snacks & Sides: This book is full of quick, simple snacks and sides that can be eaten between meals or used to compliment the recipes in the other recipe books.
  7. Easy Raw Smoothies and Juices: This is my favorite! My blender and juicer are always in the sink needing to be cleaned because I love these recipes so much, and make them 2-3 times each day. There are so many delicious options that I often just flip to a random page and make the first recipe I see.
  8. Easy Raw Holiday Recipes: Are you dreaming of a raw Christmas? This book will show you how to fill your holiday buffet table with myriad tasty treats.
  9. Easy Raw Dehydrator Recipes: It is time to break out the dehydrator and get creative with these innovative dehydrator recipes.
  10. Ultimate Raw Hemp Recipe Collection: Be honest; how many of you think hemp is just for making clothes? I did too, but this recipe book will open your eyes to the culinary possibilities this plant has to offer.
  11. Ultimate Raw Chocolate Recipes: I could not live without my chocolate fix, and thanks to this recipe book I do not have to!

Raw Food Revealed!

Kristen Suzanne makes going raw fun and easy, and teaches novices and experienced raw food chefs how to bring more creativity to their dishes and enjoy all that raw food has to offer.