Competition BBQ Secrets

Competition BBQ Secrets reviews

Does Competition BBQ Secrets Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Bill Anderson's Program:

How would you like to be able to cook ribs that would be tastier and juicier than those you can get at any restaurant? Would you be surprised if I told you these ribs would never touch the grill? If you are intrigued, I urge you to keep reading, as I am about to share the source of my secrets with you.

Serious bar-be-que gurus will tell you that cooking in this style is sometimes more of an art than a science. I personally learned the art of bar-be-que from Bill Anderson in his wonderful book Competition BBQ Secrets. After reading this book I felt like I was let in on some of the best kept secrets in the world of competitive BBQ. Bill is an artist; and a genius; and a technician. In this guide he explains why slow cooked BBQ is superior to grilling, and gives you all the details you’ll need to produce the most delicious bar-be-qued meats you will ever taste.

The Recipes

These are more than recipes; they are instructions for creating a culinary masterpiece every time you light up the grill. Anderson covers all the details including:

  • How to Choose a Grill
  • How to Use Wood Chips
  • How to Slow Smoke Meats

He explains how slow cooking a piece of meat locks in and concentrates the flavor while keeping the meat moist and succulent. He even gives exact times and temperatures, so you can duplicate his results every time. Anderson has abandoned the traditional grilling methods used in most BBQ recipes for his slow cooking technique. Below are some of the reasons he feels it is a superior method:

  • It produces juicy, tender meat that falls right off the bone.
  • Even inexperienced grill masters can get perfect results every time.
  • It’s much harder to overcook a piece of meat when it is slow smoked.
  • The concentration of flavor cannot be achieved through traditional grilling.

The Author’s Success

Anderson is the master behind the Chatham Artillery BBQ team, which has won blue ribbons for ribs, chicken, pork and brisket in major competitions. His skills are the envy of every competitive bar-be-quer, and thanks to his awesome new guide, you can learn to grill like he does.

Novice grill men that have spent hours slaving over the grill to end up with mediocre (or worse) meat when it is all said and done will have a come to Jesus moment when they try Anderson’s award winning slow cooking method. When you take a bite of his slow cooked ribs, you will wonder how your taste buds survived so long in the world without them. You will never burn or overcook a piece of meat again, and your friends and family members will beg you to share your secrets with them.

Easy as 1-2-3

The method does not require any advanced skills or equipment. Just follow the recipes exactly and you will be thrilled with your results every time. If you have aspirations to compete in BBQ contests, or just want to make great BBQ in your own backyard, Competitive BBQ Secrets will give you the skills you need to do it.