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Trademiner reviews

Does Trademiner Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Lan Turner's Program:

Trademiner Forex Trading software is not an expert advisor like so many other Forex robots on the market. The creators of this program took a unique approach to engineer this stand-alone Forex forecast program. Instead of being used within the trading platform it is simply downloaded to your machine and used separately.

The software is not an automated trading system that trades on your behalf, but rather a data mining program that processes years of market data to indentify profitable trading opportunities. It’s basically a tool to improve fundamental analysis that can be used along with other indicators to find golden opportunities and avoid bad trades. In addition to analyzing past data, the program also acts as a technical indicator, making it preferable to other systems because of its two-pronged approach.

Data Mining and Analysis Capabilities

The TradeMiner software analyzes millions of records searching for trades that have the highest profitability ratios over the past 30 years, pointing out trades that have been profitable 80%-100% of the time. Its capabilities do not limit it to linear search, as it searches through data from several access points simultaneously making the searches extremely fast. The program can do in mere seconds what used to take days of calculations or programming by using artificial intelligence to quickly parse through mountains of data and make the appropriate calculations.

The graphical user interface is intelligently laid out and intuitive. You only have to set a few parameters to get a month’s worth of trading recommendations. There has never been a faster and more accurate way to get expert trading advice from your own PC.

Trade Ranking System

The aspect of the program I was most impressed with is the internal ranking system, which points out the most profitable opportunities found by the analysis. It basically tells you what the best setups are, taking any guesswork out of using the system. I couldn’t believe a simple, inexpensive piece of desktop software could actually spoon-feed me the golden eggs in the market. If you’re into trading stocks and futures as well, the system also points out the most fortuitous opportunities in these markets. Reports with the technical setups for any stock, currency fair or futures contract can be quickly and easily generated.

TradeMiner makes the day trader’s job much easier by identifying patterns in market trends that make discovering an accurate market trend bias as easy as checking your email. Using the trend information (bullish or bearish) from TradeMiner Professional traders can easily establish a market directional bias. If technical entry signals support the trend identified by the system, taking the trade is a no-brainer.

How the System Works

What the system basically does is filter through an incomprehensively large pool of past data to uncover relevant patterns in market movement. It finds behaviors in currency pairs that have occurred reliably at certain times of the year, and are very likely to happen again barring some unexpected external factor (like a natural disaster, for example). In the absence of these factors, the expectation that the currency pairs will behave in similar fashion is quite reasonable.

This is an oversimplification of how the system identifies recommended trades. Thousands of pieces of data are analyzed and compared in the process of uncovering the prime trading opportunities, so the system does not merely “make a good guess” about market trends based on a couple of past factors. While no system can guarantee the accuracy of every prediction it makes, the intelligence behind the TradeMiner Forex Trading System makes it especially accurate, as it boats an overall success rate of over 80%.

Automated Forex Trading systems have become especially popular over the last few years, and with good reason. That being said, top Forex brokers recommend manually executing trades for a time before relying on any type of automation or forecasting software. This will allow traders to benefit more from systems like TradeMiner, as they will already know a bit about the market and how their trading platform works.

Smart traders will analyze the opportunities recommended by the system further to ensure that there are no external factors that might negate the relevancy of the recommendation. Think of this as double checking your test before you hand it in to the teacher to make sure you didn’t miss anything—and it’s without question the smart way to trade.

Using TradeMiner in this way will all but guarantee profitable trades and consistent success in the market.