Stock Assault Trading Software

Stock Assault Trading Software reviews

Does Stock Assault Trading Software Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Stockassault's Program:

As most of us know, the way to make money in the stock market is to buy stocks at a particular price (preferably a low price) and sell them for a higher price. Stock Assault Trading software was designed to help investors pick stocks when they are at a relatively low price, but are about to jump up. Trading stocks can be complicated, and can make one man millions and another man homeless in the same day. What this system does is essentially protect traders from bad investments and point them in the direction of the winning trades. In the stock market timing is everything, and Stock Assault tells you when it’s time to buy and time to sell.

How Does the Program Work?

The software uses artificial intelligence to quickly process thousands of pieces of information about particular stocks and the factors that contribute to their current price as well as any factors that may indicate which way the price will move in the near future. It was designed to follow logic the same way a human would, only with many more times the anylization and computing power. Basically this breakthrough program combines the logical thinking of a human being with the raw power of a computer to do the work it would take 40 people to do in the same amount of time.

When I first heard about this program I was a bit skeptical about the claims being made about it. There are so many programs out there that promise stock market and Forex riches, and most of them don’t seem to follow through on their claims. When I learned that the makers of Stock Assault offered a free demo of the program so users can “try before they buy”, I figured I had nothing to lose and everything to gain by giving it a shot. I must say I was pretty impressed with the demo. It was not only lightning fast, but the degree of accuracy in the picks was extremely high, averaging over 90% accuracy for me. Needless to say I purchased the program, and have been using it ever since.

The Development of the Program

Stock Assault 2.0 was developed over a five year period by a team of 25 successful day traders. They spent a whopping three million dollars to perfect the system and make it the most accurate trading forecaster on the market. These traders wanted the system to replicate what it would be like to have them advising you on every one of your trades, and they didn’t stop development until they were satisfied that they succeeded in doing so.

I’ve been using the program for about three months now, and I’ll admit that even after being impressed by the demo, I started out small with my initial investments. I wasn’t in the financial position to risk any considerable sum of money before I knew for sure that the program would deliver. Even three months later I am still increasing my investments rather conservatively, but so far I have seen very impressive returns. As long as these trends continue I plan to increase my trading each month—and at this point I’m pretty confident that they will.

The developers of Stock Assault know that many traders will find it hard to believe that a piece of software can provide such consistent results, so they not only let interested parties download and try a free demo, they also back up their product with a 60-day money back guarantee. This means you get almost two months to try out the program for yourself. If you don’t think it’s worth the purchase price, all you have to do is ask for a refund, and you’ll get all of your money back with no questions asked.

I am a skeptical guy by nature, and am hesitant to believe any of the claims made by vendors regarding the efficacy of their programs, so I wouldn’t have ever purchased Stock Assault if I couldn’t first try out the demo and had the ability to ask for a refund within a reasonable time if the program fell short of my expectations. That’s just the way I am. Luckily, the program lived up to its promises, and has become a permanent staple in my trading.