Omniforex Signals

Omniforex Signals reviews

Does Omniforex Signals Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of OmniForex's Program:

Omniforex Signals is an automated Forex trading program that was first developed in 2009. It is among the very few intelligent trading solutions that have actually been helping people make money in the foreign exchange market. Forex trading systems, often referred to as Forex robots, are basically software programs that are designed to identify winning trades using a variety of methods.

Forex Robots

While there are some high quality robots like the Omniforex Signals program, there is a countless number of programs on the market that are absolutely useless. If you are in the market for an automated trading system, you’re reading the right article. In the following paragraphs I will talk more about Omniforex Signals, and the many benefits that come with using it in your trading.

Omniforex has dedicated years to the development of the three trading systems this robot allows traders to choose from. Located in Tel Aviv, the company is run by a team of highly experienced Forex traders who were profiting from the market well before there was any type of automation available. They offer top notch online support for customers, and quickly respond to any inquiries they receive.

How Does the Software Work?

Using sophisticated set of computer algorithms, Omniforex Signals uses a sophisticated set of algorithms to provide highly accurate trading signals for users. The software is quite simple to use; it gives clients specific trading instructions to follow when buying and selling currency pairs.

The system is fully automated, and it computes trading signals using three different strategies:

  • Intraday trading: Takes as many as 6 trades per day with no positions open overnight
  • Daily trading: Takes one trade per day
  • Weekly trading: Takes one trade each week

Clients can choose the strategy that best suits their needs and style of investment and the amount of time they have to spend on their trading.

Becoming a Member

Registering to the site is quite simple. Once you complete your purchase, you will be asked to create a username and password. All of the tools and information you will need to start making profitable trades is available in the member’s area.

They system will provide members with signals for the following currency pairs each day:


Membership is offered on a subscription basis. There are no additional costs that apply aside from the monthly membership fee. Omniforex also offers a 3-day trial for only $4.99. If you are impressed with the system during your trial and choose to keep it, the monthly rate will be $99.90.

I recommend taking advantage of the trial period offered so you can use the service yourself before committing to the full membership. As membership is sold through Clickbank, your purchase also comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.