The Lotto Black Book

Lotto Black Book reviews

Does Lotto Black Book Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Larry Blair's Program:

Everyone has fantasized at one time or another about winning the lottery and taking home a fat check for doing nothing. What could be better than free money, right? In reality, the odds of winning are pretty slim, but there may be a way to turn those odds more in your favor. The Lotto Black Book is a system that claims to increase your chances of winning exponentially using a proven system that the author has used to win several different lotteries.

This may sound too good to be true, but the guy who created the system is a math professor who has developed a special algorithm that makes winning a question of “when” and not “if”. If you want to turn winning the lottery from a far-fetched fantasy into a highly likely reality, keep reading.

Okay, Tell Me More About This Lotto Black Book

In this guide Larry Blair shares the pattern finding algorithm he developed to predict winning lottery numbers. Now, this algorithm will not make you an instant millionaire. You will not hit the jackpot every time you play, and anyone claiming to sell you such a system is obviously a scammer. What the Lotto Black Book does promise is that if you use the formula consistently you will start winning prize money. You may get 4 numbers here and five numbers there, but you will start making money from the lottery.

In fact, Larry Blair is so confident in his system that he sells it with a 60 day money back guarantee. You get to use his methods for a full 8 weeks, and if you don’t end up with some winnings he will gladly refund your purchase and send you an extra $100. With a deal like that it is hard to justify not giving his system a try.

How it Works

The system works by analyzing the numbers that have won over the last several months. You will simply plug these numbers into Larry’s formula and it will spit out a set of numbers that have a very high probability of coming up. You may not win on your first try, but if you follow the system each week you will win soon enough.

On average, those following the system earned their first winnings within 5 weeks. Larry himself has won 5 different lotteries and earned over $3.5 million to date. One of his customers in Virginia won $37,000 after using the system for only two weeks. Another customer won just over $100,000 in 4 months using the system.

Do I Need to be a Math Whiz?

Larry takes care of the math for you. You just have to find the winning numbers dating back a couple of months and plug them into the formula you get in the guide. All you need is some simple addition and subtraction skills or a calculator. There is no algebra or complicated equations to solve. A 10-year-old could easily use this system.

How Did He Do It?

Larry figured out his system over the course of several years, and with a lot of trial and error. He developed over two dozen formulas that didn’t work before finally figuring out an algorithm that produced winning results. His system is far from perfect, but the good thing about the lottery is that you only have to get it right once to cash in. There will be some weeks when you don’t win a dime, but when you do hit your first jackpot it will more than make up for all of the losses.

The key to profiting from this system is to be consistent and follow the instructions to the letter. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t become an instant millionaire—we guarantee you will not. However, if you keep your journal of winning numbers and play what the system gives you each week you will find yourself a winner soon enough. Larry gives you the perfect bait to hook the big fish and tells you exactly where to cast your line. What you have to do is keep fishing until you strike gold. If you are patient and persistent this system could be the thing that changes your life forever.