Total Football Trading System Review

Total Football Trading  reviews

Does Total Football Trading Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Mark Andrews's Program:

Total Football Trading Strategies, created by Mark Andrews, is a trading system that is designed to help football traders earn big profits using time tested strategies. It is a comprehensive system that will give you the tools and knowledge you need to successfully trade in all types of football matches. In the course you will learn a variety of methods, and how to apply them to different matches to boost your profits.

With Andrew’s system you get 10 proven strategies to pick from that all apply to different trading circumstances. Total Football Trading is a professional package that will work for novice traders and more advanced traders alike. It is a must have for anyone who wants to earn more money trading football matches.

Why the System Works

What makes the system so effective is that it was created by professional traders who rake in big bucks on Betfair every week. When you use this system you are basically getting trading advice from some of the best traders in the UK. Mark Andrews, the primary creator of Total Football Trading, has shared the methods he uses personally, and guarantees that you will share in his success if you follow them.

In addition to the 10 trading systems, the package also includes over 100 pages of in depth trading information, pre-match and in play plans, free lifetime updates, free member bonuses, and additional inspirational eBooks. If you’re ready to trade football matches like the pros, you will want to get your hands on this breakthrough guide as soon as possible.

Practical Application

The way I have used these strategies is by doing a series of small tests to see which of the ten produced the best results for me. After testing, I was left with three methods that seemed to outperform the others, so I use those exclusively now. They continue to give me an excellent winning percentage, so I now have an easy system that I can rely on for steady earnings. If you’re a diehard football trader you may be able to use all 10 strategies successfully—the choice is yours.


Membership to Total Football Trading is quite affordable, as you only pay a onetime fee of around $77 for lifetime membership. This includes four eBooks that describe the 10 trading strategies in detail, and an active member’s forum where you can share tips with other users to perfect your strategies. You also get full email support from Mark Andrews, and I know from experience that he answers emails very quickly.

Trading Strategies

The 10 strategies in Andrew’s system include:

  • The Bosman Method
  • The Double Bubble Method
  • The Golden Goal
  • The Football Day Trader
  • The In and Out Method
  • Lay the Draw Reloaded
  • The Paper Chaser
  • The Power Hour Method
  • The Silver Goal
  • The Underdog Method

All of the systems are explained in details, and many tips for implementing them are included. I can’t tell you these strategies will make you rich overnight, but if you spend some time testing like I did and pick your winners, you will be able to make some great money with this system.

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