Betfair Trading Expert Review

Betfair Trading Expert reviews

Does Betfair Trading Expert Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Dr Matthew Abraham's Program:

Most folks don’t think of betting on sports matches as a way to make consistent, reliable money. In fact, most of us know at least one person who took their betting too far and suffered bitter consequences. Without a scientific system to predict winners, those placing bets are left with gut feelings and emotionally charged picks. I probably don’t need to explain why this leads to a lot more losses than wins.

The Betfair Trading Expert System was designed to turn the tenuous and unreliable results most folks get from sports betting into a proven system that delivered consistent profits. Let’s take a closer look at it to see if it lives up to its promises.

What You Get

Once you purchase the Betfair Trading Expert, you can immediately download the two main eBooks that cover football trading and tennis trading. The guide recommends using the online betting site Betfair to place your bets, but the strategies will work with other systems like WBX and BetDaq.

The books are very well written, and describe the strategies in great detail. They don’t use a lot of jargon that novices won’t understand, so the guides are quite easy to follow. It will help if you are familiar with Betfair before you start using the system, but even if you aren’t it will be pretty easy to get. There are plenty of screenshots and links in the guides that will help you understand the nuances of the system and how it works.

In addition to the eBooks, you will also be added to Matt Abraham’s email subscription pick list. Once you confirm your subscription through the initial email he sends you, you will start receiving his recommended picks each day. Sometimes the picks are not released until just before the matches start, as Matt likes to read any late breaking team news before settling on his picks. Judging by how often he is right (almost always) his strategy pays off.


The package is a great value for the money, and I am more than satisfied with what I have gotten for my onetime $69 payment. For this price you get the two eBooks plus a lifetime subscription to Matt’s email list. You’ll never be asked to pay another penny.

Cost of the System   $69

Monthly Membership Cost?   No

Recommended Picks?   Yes, daily via email

Risk Free Purchase?   Yes, 60 day guarantee

This system provides a whole lot of winning picks—4 in each email is about the average. The return on investment is exceptional here since you only have to make one reasonable payment to keep getting regular emails.

Overview of Benefits

  • The system is easy to learn, and using it with the picks Matt sends takes only a few minutes each day.
  • It is a great value since you get a lifetime email membership to the pick list.
  • Thousands of happy customers are already using the system to earn money.
  • The refund rate is very low, which means the overwhelming majority of users are happy with their purchase.

If you are ready to start betting (and winning) like the pros, give this system a risk free 60 day try. If your experience is anything like mine, you won’t regret it.