The Perfect Pointe Book

The Perfect Pointe Book reviews

Does The Perfect Pointe Book Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Lisa Howell's Program:

Learning to dance en pointe is without a doubt the most difficult skill young female ballerinas must learn. The strength, precision, balance, and control required are considerable, and it often takes many years to master. One need only put on a pair of pointe shoes and strike the simplest pose to see just how difficult it is.

Dancing en pointe requires training to build a variety of skills and abilities, all of which must be developed to produce the effortless beauty we see in professional ballet dancers. Perfect pointe is what all female ballet dancers strive for, but only the most dedicated achieve it.

The Perfect Pointe is an eBook written by accomplished ballet dancer Lisa Howell. It contains written text along with 10 instructional videos that help aspiring ballet dancers start their pointe training. Some of the things Howell teaches in her comprehensive guide include:

Building Flexibility

When dance critics complement ballet dancers, they often speak of feet that stretch to full extension and complete the line of the leg beautifully. The flexibility that this requires makes my feet hurt just thinking about it. Some dancers actually have others sit on their outstretched feet to increase flexibility. If you think you can achieve this level of flexibility without enduring some pain, you will surely be disappointed! Some dancers are gifted with naturally flexible ligaments, but others have to endure rigorous flexibility training for years to be able to pull off the beautiful curve of the fully extended foot. The Perfect Pointe will teach dancers the advanced techniques that will provide the high level of flexibility this art requires.

This type of flexibility training may actually damage the bones in the foot in girls under 12, so it is not recommended for girls 11 and younger. While it is more difficult for adult women to acquire this flexibility later in life, it is certainly not impossible. Many women in their 20s and 30s begin training in ballet and do quite well. While it may be too late to be a professional, you’re never too old to start learning ballet for personal enrichment and enjoyment, and Howell’s guide will work for aspiring dancers young and old.


Turnout in ballet is the outward rotation of the feet. It starts with the hips, and results in your knees and feet facing outward. The more flexible you are, the better your turnout will be, so the training for these two facets of dancing en pointe go hand in hand. Developing the perfect turnout takes time and practice—it is not a skill that can be acquired overnight. In this course progressive techniques allow you to start at you current level of skill, strength and flexibility and proceed from there.

Strengthening the Core

Building core strength is crucial to proper turnout and clean lines. The course includes a number of exercises and dance drills designed to give you the strong core muscles required to dance like a pro.

You will learn this and a whole lot more from The Perfect Pointe program. When it comes to the effectiveness of Lisa Howell’s breakthrough course, the title says it all.