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Rocket Piano reviews

Does Rocket Piano Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Ruth Searle's Program:

If you have your heart set on learning to play the piano, but do not want to spend thousands on private one on one lessons, you may want to consider Rocket Piano software. This innovative new approach to teaching piano uses a variety of different tools and techniques, and includes online tutorials, regular newsletters and workbooks. The program was designed and created by Ruth Searle, a classically trained pianist who is proficient in a number of styles including: Jazz,  Rock, Pop, Gospel...

Her skills and creativity are what make this course so special. She truly loves playing the piano, and her raw enthusiasm and passion for playing make students want to acquire her amazing skill set.

Testing the Waters

If you are considering your options for learning the piano and want to learn more about this program you can sign up for a free account, which gives you the first six lessons at no cost. This allows you to evaluate Searle’s teaching style before deciding to commit to purchasing the full program. In these first six lessons topics like proper playing posture, hand positioning, and notation are covered.

Program Contents

If you decide to purchase the course (and I think you will), you will be able to instantly download the remaining lessons from the website. This will include:

  • Audio files
  • eBooks
  • Rocket Software
  • Video lessons
  • Printable Music

You will get seven eBooks in all, which will move from beginning concepts to more advanced lessons as the course progresses. The audio and video lessons are designed to accompany the text, and you will be instructed as to which files go with each written lesson. The sheet music for each lesson is also included, and can be printed out or read from your computer screen.

Once you become a Rocket Piano member you will receive free updates for life. You will also get free newsletters each week covering a variety of piano related news and topics. The website has links to a lot of great resources, but it does not include user forums. This is not a huge deal, but many other programs do have them, so I thought I should mention it.

Product Bonuses

In appreciation of your purchase Ruth Searle has thrown in some cool bonuses which include a metronome and a variety of piano games. These include:

  • Jayde Musica Pro, a game that teaches notation.
  • Chordinator is develops speed in chord progressions.
  • Perfect Your Pitch focuses on training your ear.

Ease of Use

Many students new to the piano are surprised by how difficult it is learn. Advanced players make it look so easy, but this is deceptive, as learning to play totally separate rhythms with each hand is far from easy. Rocket Piano assumes no prior experience, so it is ideal for beginners. The lessons are broken down into simple elements, so new students will not feel overwhelmed with a ton of new information right off the bat. You start with one simple lesson, and the following lessons slowly build upon what you have already learned.

At any time you can go back and review previous lessons if you feel it is necessary to master a current objective. You will learn and progress at your own rate, so there is no pressure to keep up any certain pace. The video lessons can be streamed or downloaded to your computer, as can the audio tracks that accompany them. There is an option to have hard copies of the materials shipped to you, but this is at a significant additional cost, and since it is the same exact materials, seems like a real waste of money to me.

Rocket Piano does offer customer service in the form of email support, which promises to address all questions within 48 hours of receiving them. There is also an online FAQ section that addresses most common issues.

How the Course Works

The first few lessons in the course cover the basic starting positions like how to sit at the piano and how to curve your hands onto the keys. You will learn where all of the notes on the keyboard are, and how they are depicted in the sheet music. Once these basics are down you will learn a few simple melodies and some basic chords.

In each lesson you will learn new chords and melodies, as well as how to put them together into simple tunes. There are many exercises that you will perform to improve finger dexterity and playing speed, and there are always new challenges to meet.

Jam Tracks

One of my favorite features of the course is the jam tracks that are included. These come with two tracks, one where a band is jamming along with the piano section, and another where the piano track is not included. Once you learn the piece you are to play along with the track missing the piano section. This is a great way to learn how to play together with other musicians and keep time and tempo.

Lesson Books

Three main books are included in the program; one for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. After you progress through these you are ready to move on to the specific styles like Jazz or Gospel. There is also a book which focuses on advanced fingering techniques, which is full of challenging exercises to learn and perform. The last book is called Advanced Learning Techniques for the Piano, and teaches new techniques as well as some psychology behind playing the instrument.


The customer feedback for Rocket Piano is overwhelmingly positive, and the internet is full of satisfied customers sharing their experiences with the course. This, along with the 60-day money back guarantee Searle offers, makes the course a real favorite for me. If you are still on the fence head to the website and get the first six lessons for free so you can check it out for yourself.

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