Photography Posing Secrets

Photography Posing Secrets reviews

Does Photography Posing Secrets Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Malcolm Boone's Program:

It is the job of professional portrait photographers to capture the 'perfect moment', when the subject’s features are looking their best. As anyone who has ever taken portraits before knows, this can be quite difficult. The camera captures an image in around 1/125 of a second—and the photographer must click the shutter at just the right moment to get the shot he or she is after.

We have all seen what happens when the shutter is not clicked in the right fraction of a second. Eyes partially closed, awkward half smiles, eyes closed, and the always entertaining one eye open and one eye closed shot are common results.

Professional Posing

One of the reasons for all of the photographical mishaps is that the photographers have limited knowledge of how to pose subjects to get the best shots. Not only does the pose have to be balanced, aesthetically pleasing, and flattering to the model’s features, but the photographer also has to get the subject to relax and make a pleasing, natural expression that will register well as a still shot. There are a countless number of small movements that could put the model out of position, or leave an unpleasant expression on his or her face. For this reason, posing skills are something every portrait photographer must master.

Acquiring the Right Skills

Photography Posing Secrets was written by Malcolm Boone, a professional portrait photographer who has mastered the art of posing subjects. In the guide Boone walks you through the steps involved in creating masterful portraits through a deep understanding of camera friendly poses.

Things you will learn from Boone’s 120 page guide include:

  • How to change the way you look at the body for better posing.
  • The trick to duplicating a pose used in another photograph.
  • The three letter system to building a great pose.
  • How to create aesthetically pleasing reclining pose.
  • How to analyze your work and evaluate your poses.
  • Hand management: how to get your subject to rest their hands in a correct pose.
  • How to avoid cutting off the subject’s limbs in a pose.
  • The three key head movements to use in your posing to accentuate your model's features.

The great thing about this guide is it shows you all the techniques the pros use to create beautiful portraits every time. Most amateur photographers just cross their fingers and hope they get the perfect shot, but with this eBook you will be taught how to make sure you get great shots from the start.

Another big plus is that the guide is sold as an electronic download, which means you get the book within minutes of your purchase, so you can start using it right away.

In Summation

I think this guide is perfect for photographers who want to take their portrait work to the next level. It is designed to impart professional level skills, and portrait photographers use these skills to make impressive salaries while doing what they love to do.