Aabaco Small Business Reviews

Aabaco Small Business Overall Rating: 4.87 Stars

Aabaco Small Business is a company whose central purpose it is to promote and help local and small businesses all over the world to thrive. They have a multi-tiered set of services available on their main website and each are dedicated to promoting small businesses and helping them reach their business goals.

They are not an ad agency, but the services they offer are highly-related to this service because of their list of comprehensive plans and services that focus on small business promotion. In addition, they offer a host of key services that are at the heart of online business, including: web hosting solutions, business email plans, promotion and marketing tools, app development resources, training resources, and even security options to protect client data.

Below is a list of their primary services, broken down into categories to make it simpler.

Web Hosting Solutions

aabaco small business web hosting reviews

One of the primary services being offered by Aabaco Small Business is web hosting. They have a variety of solutions to meet a business's needs including: Basic Plan, Business Plan, Premier Plan.

Basic Plan

The basic plan for web hosting is designed to cater to the individual with a personal website. It offers 100GB of space, with 1000GB per month of data transfer. It allows for 10 site pages, 250 email addresses, and a free domain name. This plan costs $5.99 per month or $3.75 per month is you pay annually.

Advanced Plan: Business Sites

The next step up is a business plan designed for business sites. Some of the highlights of this plan include: unlimited site pages, 500 email addresses, 500 GB of space, 5000/GB per month of data transfer, and 1 domain plus 500 subdomains. The business plan also includes site design tools where you can adjust your site through the online editor, a file manager and Word Press blogging. The advanced plan costs $5.99 per month if you pay annually.

Premier Plan

The premier plan offers unlimited pages, 1000 email addresses, unlimited storage space and data transfer, 1 domain and 500 subdomains. This plan is $8.99 if you pay by the year.

Aabaco Small Business Web Hosting - Build a great web site with easy-to-use tools

All plans include multimedia capabilities for hosting audio and video, photo galleries, marketing help, and other extras. The amount of features you get will be determined by the package you choose.

Ecommerce Options

E-commerce involves much more than setting up an online store. Aabaco Small Business allows you to set up an online store. But they also help you with other e-commerce services including:

  • Search engine optimization: Aabaco understands the importance of staying friendly with the search engines. Even though Google has changed a lot of how SEO is done, it is still important to be recognized and ranked well in the searched. Relevance and high-quality content have taken the place of keywords and filler. But Aabaco is backed by Yahoo, one of the top-rated search engine directories, which helps them to help you with your small business growth.
  • Insights and recommendations: Aabaco has seasoned professionals working both within and without the system so that you will always have access to the key people that can make things happen for your small business. With endless resources and connections to some pretty impressive players, you are in good hands.
  • Live insights: It is important to keep abreast of what is going on with your business at all times. Aabaco offers some very good solutions that allow you to peer into the crystal ball of what is going on with your business and online e-commerce sites so that you will have a working knowledge of how you are progressing at all times.

Free Web Analytics with Standard and Professional Stores Plans at Aabaco Small Business

In addition to the basic services above, you also have access to Google Shopping services, apps that help you target specific customers, and a host of other extra tools.

All of these services allow an integrated approach to e-commerce, so that you can be in business for yourself but "not by yourself," and thereby increase your chances of online success with your brand. They hold your hand through every step of the process, but back off when you tell them to, so that you feel that you are self-sufficient as an online business owner. The company seems to view themselves as a support system that can help you, without being overbearing in their approach. And that is refreshing.

E-commerce Plans & Packages

The Basic Plan lets you create an online store with an unlimited number of products, storage space, and bandwidth, and gives you access to a number of e-commerce marketing and SEO business tools. The Basic Plan costs $29 per month, billed annually.

The Professional Plan adds API support for third-party building and coding options. The Professional plan costs $79 per month, billed annually. It is intended for small to medium sized businesses who need to scale up their marketing and e-commerce efforts.

The Premier Plan adds priority phone support and a designated account manager. It also offers a more robust approach to marketing tools and other options that the other plans do not have. The Premier Plan costs $299 per month, billed annually.

You can browse their plans and decide which one is best for you.

Developer Network

Aabaco Small Business is not just about e-commerce hosting and web plans. They also offer their customers a number of high-quality tools that can help them maximize their time and return on investment. Through a series of resource-based networking systems, you can build and grow your online business to new heights by connecting with designers, programmers, and other e-commerce experts who will help train you in how to take your business to the next level.

Local Search Marketing

In addition to the other plans Aabaco offers, you can also maximize your ROI by having them help you with local search marketing. Aabaco realizes that their customers are all small businesses, many of whom are located in small or medium-sized towns. They need to promote themselves to their local clientele, as much as they need to promote themselves to the world via the internet. They help with this by offering a third-party service called Localworks, which allows you to reach the local people you need to reach. They realize that your market is local, as well as global.

Commerce Central

Commerce central is another service Aabaco offers their clientele. This part of their business is dedicated to coordinating your efforts with the mobile market via app development services and mobile-optimization platforms that know how to get your brand noticed and included in the searches.

This service helps you with retargeting local and global customers, recruiting and managing leads, and developing your email marketing plan. Along with the local search marketing tools and SEO-related services, Aabaco seems to have covered all of the bases for forward-thinking marketing and robust e-commerce plans that seem to have it all.

Business Email Plans

In addition to these many services, they even offer business email plans. You can start a custom business mail plan for as low as $34.95 for an entire year, or choose the regular business mail plan for $9.95 per month. The business mail plan includes unlimited email addresses so that you can let your staff use the email accounts for business purposes and keep their private email separate.

Enhanced Security

The business email plan also includes Norton AntiVirus, SpamGuard Plus, and DomainKeys to help cut out spam and hacking attempts, to keep your company's data and customers' data safe from prying eyes.


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Our Opinion and Impressions of Aabaco

Our opinion of Aabaco Small Business is that it is a forward-thinking company that has all of its ducks in a row regarding how to help a small business grow. To success in the online world, you need good web hosting with your own domain. You need a solid e-commerce solution, and you need business email addresses for yourself and your staff, so that you will project a professional image to your potential clients.

You also need an integrated, sound marketing plan that takes into account where your market is, whether it is halfway around the globe or just across town. Marketing is everything when it comes to online business. Aabaco has you covered with their complete network system of professionals in their respective areas of expertise. So you are never totally alone in your journey as you build your business from the ground up.

Our Conclusions

Aabaco Small Business is a Yahoo-owned company who has all of the bases covered in terms of what it takes to make it in the only world today and they are also connected to a number of well-known third-party services and developers that are able to help you the rest of the way as you expand and grow your business. I highly recommend Aabaco to any small business who needs to tap into the power of the internet but doesn't want to go it alone.

They are definitely a great advocate to have on your side if you are a small business owner who dreams of being big.