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4inkjets Overall Rating: 4.72 Stars

Why 4inkjets?

Although finding a replacement printer cartridge would seem to be an easy task, anyone who has had to deal with the overwhelming series of numbers, letters, and half-obscured serial codes on a cartridge knows that finding the perfect replacement can be a challenge, especially if you’re under a deadline. This is why 4inkjets consistently ranks as one of the best ink cartridge carriers for both their online and in-person customer service. In this review, we’ll take a look at how 4inkjets has managed to consistently satisfy their customer base by analyzing the company’s core strengths.

What goes into assembling world-class expertise?

4inkjets reviews

4inkjets caters to a wide selection of printers and printer cartridge needs. Whether you’re responsible for five different printers in a busy office or just need to replace one cartridge for your printer at home, the staff at 4inkjets will not only be able to help you find your cartridge, but find you a decent price on it, too. Founded in 1999, 4inkjets has had decades of experience dealing with every type of printer imaginable, and they never stop learning about what’s new on the market. This expertise is invaluable if, for example, you’re the office manager of a design firm that not only produces legal and letter sized documents, but blueprints, glossy photographs and imagery, and other industry-specific oversized prints. In a given week, dozens of highly specialized cartridges in the office could need immediate replacement. Clients are famously unforgiving if a document is not delivered on time, which is partially why 4inkjets unrivaled knowledge of printers and printing technology makes them one of the finest purveyors of cartridges for a variety of different printers and printer configurations.

How does 4inkjets anticipate what printer cartridges to order?

4inkjets regularly anticipates and stocks cartridges that other suppliers either aren’t familiar with or can’t get delivered for a reasonable price. This includes printers that are either highly specialized or obscure. This wide selection is due to the fact that 4inkjets is located in one of the largest metropolitan areas in the United States, which means that its customer base is made of up of a diverse set of industries, many of whom use highly specialized printers. The sheer number of different industries and printers in this area means that 4inkjets is essentially ordering products for a global market. Industries from graphic design to architecture to advertising know they can count on 4inkjets to have exactly the cartridge they need. For other printer cartridge companies, ordering only a few cartridges for a high-end, rare printer would not be financially advantageous. However, by virtue of having worked so long in the business, 4inkjets has developed excellent relationships with vendors and cartridge manufacturers. This not only gives 4inkjets the advantage of an incredible inventory and a knowledgeable staff, but a great deal on pricing. Unlike other stores which may only carry limited supplies, 4inkjets keeps tabs on what’s out there and anticipates their customers’ needs. This wide selection is partially why the company remains popular both with its customer base and its suppliers.

How does 4inkjets’ online store compare to other internet shopping experiences?

4inkjets has both a physical location and an online store. Their online store is easy to navigate and allows customers to find precisely what printer cartridge they’re looking for with intuitive drop-down menus and regularly updated databases with serial numbers and cross-referenced printer codes. The online store also has pictorial representations of how to install, maintain, and handle various printer cartridges in order to lengthen the life and preserve the quality of each cartridge while it is in use. After decades spent working with printer cartridges, 4inkjets has compiled an extensive list of tips and professional tricks to not only keep cartridges functional, but to keep them working at optimal performance levels. The website is updated regularly to reflect changes in printer cartridge pricing and accessories as well as add helpful information as it becomes available.

For those customers who are still having difficulty finding precisely what they’re looking for online, 4inkjets is happy to supply online customer service, or connect a customer with a staff member over the phone. The company’s response rate is fast and their level of service detailed: no customer is ever made to feel that their request for information is not important or worth the time of the person with whom they are speaking. Also, the 4inkjets online store enables regular customers to re-submit past orders with a few simple clicks. This makes the shopping experience quick, easy, and accurate, especially for inventory managers of busy offices who must place orders several times a month. However, the 4inkjets online ordering process is also designed to make it easy to edit, swap, or change an order before it ships. Once placed, the order is filled immediately and scheduled to ship at the earliest possible opportunity. The company has designed its online store to mimic the in-person process it developed at its brick and mortar location in Long Beach.

What makes the 4inkjets brick and mortar store so successful?

Located in Long Beach, California, 4inkjets brick and mortar location has endured primarily because it is not only easy to access, but it is organized clearly and concisely. Whether a customer has been to the physical location dozens of times or is only entering the store for the first time, the logical presentation and organization of printer cartridges, along with the friendly and helpful staff, make each visit a pleasant and productive one. Because the store has been in existence since 1999, the owners and operators understand how to create and perpetuate an excellent in-person shopping experience. The store is open during peak times to enable customers to quickly find what they need. The staff is trained to help customers by answering their questions, but they’re also trained to allow customers to browse without being made to feel that they’re under pressure to buy. Additionally, every staff member is carefully vetted during the interview process to make sure they understand the ins and outs of printing and printer cartridge technology. 4inkjets believes that an excellent shopping experience is impossible without excellent representatives. Every staff member takes pride in his or her work, creating a holistic and informed environment for customers. No matter what question a customer may have, each staff member is ready to take the time to fully answer that question and provide intelligent, well-researched alternatives if needed.

In terms of the physical presentation of the store, the cartridges themselves are displayed in a straightforward, easy to access format that eliminates confusion while simultaneously making it easy to select multiple cartridges for different printers. The store also makes a point of keeping its inventory well-stocked with popular brands, a habit that customers who need an eleventh-hour replacement cartridge deeply appreciate. After years of successful operation, customers know they can count on 4inkjets physical store to have what they need when they need it. For those rare occasions when an item is not in-stock in the store, 4inkjets can quickly order the item and either have it delivered to their customer or hold on to it in the store itself for convenient pick-up.

How does 4inkjets define excellent customer and supplier relationships?

While many technology companies emphasize their products, they do not invest the same amount of energy into their staff or their customer relationships. 4inkjets distinguishes itself by purposefully fostering excellent relationships with its customers, suppliers, and staff. While 4inkjets understands that technical knowledge is key to creating a thriving business, they also understand that each customer has specialized needs. Instead of treating customers like strangers, 4inkjets treats every customer like a friend, attempting to understand and even anticipate their specific needs. This attention to detail in customer relationships has made it easy for 4inkjets to become a reliable and versatile printer cartridge supplier. Instead of trying to guess what its customer base will need, 4inkjets is already aware of what their regular customers want, and what they will likely ask for in the future.

Because of its close relationships with customers and suppliers, 4inkjets knows that printing technology is constantly changing. Therefore, 4inkjets doesn’t just keep up with trends, but stays out ahead of them. Customers know that they can expect 4inkjets to not only have the latest printer cartridges, but already be working on tips to improve and lengthen their use. This dedication to staying in touch with emerging trends is particularly beneficial to developing strong supplier relationships. Strong supplier relationships in turn result in excellent prices and opportunities to sample the latest products before they are widely available to the rest of the market. 4inkjets therefore not only has the freshest inventory but also can sell that inventory to customers at a price they can’t find anywhere else. This strategy has kept 4inkjets in business for decades, and will likely keep them going strong for decades to come.

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