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1800 Mattress Overall Rating: 4.76 Stars

The Joys of Shopping for a New Mattress

Okay, I recently moved out of my parent's house into my own apartment. They refused to let me take my bedroom furniture. They wanted to turn the room into a guest room for when my grandparents came into town. Being super low on money, I decided to purchase many peices of furniture from second hand shops like dressers, a kitchen table and other wood items.

I was not going to purchase my mattress used so I needed to find a brand new one within my budget. My aunt told me to look up 1800-Mattress.com because they were having a 4th of July sale that was going to end pretty soon. She said that she purchased a futon from the website at a reasonable price with free shipping.

Their hompage displayed a large banner advertising up to "60% off with FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY AND SET UP". I clicked on it and saw a few mattresses reasonably priced with good ratings. Ratings are very important when shopping online, since you are unable to physically try out the product, or in this case, try out the mattress to see if it was comfortable.

The "Sealy Firm" was the mattress I initally considered because it was within my budget and had other folks left good ratings about it. I wanted to stay within a budget of $500 and I was given many options within that range.

Although I wanted a "plush mattress" ,I considered purchasing a cheaper firm one and then simply buying one of their mattress toppers. However, if I wanted to take advantage of the FREE SHIPPING,my purchase had to be at least $400. I was a bit torn.

I contacted a few other local stores in my area to see if they had the same mattress and they did not. I priced compared with other online furniture stores but 1800mattress.com had the best price on this item.

Using 1800 Mattress Website

When I first logged onto 1800mattress.com, I immediately noticed how easy the website was to navigate. The pictures were large enough to see the details of the mattresses. I was able to browse through items based on price, size, brand and the type of mattress, such as plush or firm. The website also allows customers to rate and review the mattresses, so you can form some what of an opinion on the bed before you actually buy it.

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They heavily advertise "Free Next Day Delivery", which was awesome in my case because I had been sleeping on a couch for weeks up until this point. They allow you to chat with a representative immediately to assist with questions or ordering as soon as you open the web page.

If you are on an extreme budget, you can even shop for mattresses as low as $100.

They do require you to provide your zip code, as some items may not be availble in a certain area for delivery.

They also have this neat interactive tool called "Mattress Finder" where you specify which size of mattress you prefer, which position you sleep in and how firm you want it to be. You can choose anything between "Extra Firm" to "Ultra Plush". You are then given 3 mattress choices from your preferences, ranging from the highest price to lowest.

I did the interactive tool and opted for the "Hampton and Rhodes Aruba 14 inch gel memory foam matress". I need a queen size, I sleep on my side and prefered "extra plush".

1800Mattress.com also offers a wide variety of other furniture items like headboards, chairs and recliners. They have a wide selection of bedding as well.

I was becoming a bit overwelmed with all the choices I had, so I focused on my budget and just purchasing my mattress.

Overall, the website was very comfortable to use. It was fun using the Mattress Finder tool and browing through the different beds.

So, What did I purchase and How much did I pay?

I cannot lie, I spent several hours browing through 1800mattress.com to find the perfect bed for my new apartment.I considered several different prices, I was sure I wanted a soft,plush mattress. I was either going to buy a very cheap bed and get a mattress topper or I was going to actually purchase a soft mattress.

I went back and forth with myself on whether to spend the $600 on the "Hampton and Rhodes Aruba Gel Memory" that was recommended to me by the Matress Finder tool, or to stick with the "Sealy Firm Mattress" for $200. I checked 3 other online stores for the gel memory mattress to see if I could get a better price. One store offered it for about $300 more and another one had it in stock and it was $50 cheaper but the delivery would take at least 2 weeks.

The company does offer financning. There were a few mattresses well over $2000 that I was considering purchasing with the help of their financing. My credit is not in the best shape, but it apparently is not based on credit. However, I decided that I did not want to continue paying on a mattress.

I finally came to my decision and purchased the "Hampton and Rhodes Aruba Gel Memory" for $600. Although it was a little bit more than what I wanted to spend, I knew that it was a good investment for years to come! And I would receieve it the next day.

My experience with their Customer Service and Support

Since the website was so user friendly,I did not have to contact customer service much. The next morning I called them to confirm the delivery time and they were willing to accomodate my schedule. I had to be at work by 3:00 PM so I needed it delivered before that time. They were extremely courteous and professional over the phone. They made sure all my questions were answered correctly.

As with anyone, I do not like being pressured into purchasing anything or changing my mind. They did not attempt to make me purchase "bells and whistles" when given the opportunity to, or suggesting that I purchase a more expensive bed.

They were very knowledgable about their products as well.

I attempted to get more information on the warranty via the chat window that morning, but I found it to be a little slow at the time.

When My Mattress Arrived

Two gentlemen pulled up infront of my apartment around 9:45am the next day. We had agreed on a time between 10:00am and 2;30pm ,so they were a bit early, but not a big deal.

They were neatly dressed in khakis and polo shirts. The gently slid the mattress and box spring off of the truck and proceeded to my front door. They were careful to not drag the mattress on the ground, which was awesome, since I spent so much money on it. They asked me where I wanted it and I directed them upstairs. You could tell that they delivered large peices of furniture frequently because they did not scoff my walls. They placed the mattress into my bedroom and laid it on the bedframe for me. They handed me a little bit of paperwork regarding the refund and exchange policy and provided a number to call just incase I had an issues with my purchase.

It was reassuring to know that 1800mattress.com has a "Comfort Guarantee" that would allow me to exchange my mattress with a different one of equal or lesser value within 21 days of my purchase under the condition that the mattress did not have any stains or wear and tear.

However, trying out my new bed for the first time was pretty incredible and I knew I made the right choice.

Protecting My Investment

Believe me when I tell you, I have never purchased anything online in an amount over $50. So I wanted to make sure my $600 mattress would be well protected. I proceeded to purchase a mattress cover from them the following week. I accidently purchased a twin size mattress cover but my mattress was a queen size. I contacted 1800mattress.com immediately and they gave me clear instructions on how to return it,They would credit the amount of the twin size towards the queen. Again,it arrived quickly and in good packaging, That night, I accidently spilled soda pop on my sheets but the mattress protector kept my bed from getting wet.

1800Mattress.com makes it known that their warranty does not apply to basic wear and tear or spills of any kind.

Overall, it was an excellent experience and a smooth transaction.

The company maintains great professionalism through the entire process and offers ample support for any questions and concerns. I will be recommending this company to friends, family and co-workers

I also will be making future purchases for myself.

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