1800Mattress vs Sleepy's

These online furniture stores, 1800Mattress.com and Sleepys.com, have many basic similarities due to the fact that they are owned by the same corporation. They share the same warranty and return policy. However, being different companies, they offer a few varied benefits that the other does not. This article will provide an indepth explanation on the differences and similarites between the two stores, so you can make a better decision on where to purchase your next mattress from.

The Basic Simililarities Between 1800Mattress and Sleepy's

As previously mentioned, both stores are under the same umbrella corporation. You will find that both websites have a similar, "easy-to-navigate" web design. They also heavily advertise their FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY & SET UP on the homepage of both websites. They also offer certain merchandise based on the geographical location of the customer. Listed below are a few similarities between the two companies

  • Extensive Customer Support and a Chat window that pops up on the homepage
  • No Credit Needed Financing, as well as in store Credit Cards
  • Available Limited Warranty through the Manufacturer
  • Similar Inventory and Brands
  • The Option to make a financing payment directly on the website
  • A Mattress Finder Tool

Overall, both companies essentially share the same policies and concepts. Both advertise their own promotions and discounts on the homepage.

But What About Pricing

Although both stores essentially have the same inventory, Sleepys.com has slightly higher prices on some of their items. You may discover that a hybrid mattress offered on Sleepys.com may be $100 - $200 cheaper on 1800Mattress.com.


Sleepys does offer a price matching program and guarantees any competitor's price by 20% on the following brands: Beautyrest Legend, Ultimate, Phenom, Stearns & Foster, GS Stearns, Serta I-series, I-comfort, Tempur-Pedic, Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid & ZuZu.

In order to be qualified for this offer, the customer must contact Sleepys.com within 30 days of delivery if a lower price is found on a smiliar or the same mattress. Withiin those 30 days, they will be offered a refund of the difference, plus an additional 10%. If the customer sends an inquiry prior to delivery, they will be eligible for the 20%

Unlike 1800Mattress.com, Sleepys offers a Military discount of 15%. Firefighters and law enforment personnel are eligible as well. However, this discount cannot be combined with any other available promotional offer at that given time and is restrcited to certain brands.

Sleepys offers wide variety of closeout items available at highly discounted prices, some items marked down by over 50% off the original price; whereas 1800Mattress.com does not offer closeout sales.

The two stores offer different sales and holiday promotions as well on specific items.

Overall, 1800Mattress may offer lower prices on most of its merchandise, Sleepys offers many discounts and a 20% price match guarantee.

Differences in Delivery

Both stores offer FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY AND SET-UP within the 48 contiguous U.S. states.

To qualify on 1800Mattress.com, you must have a purchase of at least $399.98. For purchases below that amount, delivery is charged at $49.99.

Sleepys.com requires a purchase above $599.

Both websites provide a disclaimer that states if you live in a more remote area, delivery may possibly take longer.

Vendor-In Home Trials and Comfort Guarantees

Both companies offer the same refund and exchange policy.

The "Vendor-In Home Trial" allows you to sleep on your new mattress between 90 to 120 days depending on the brand.

If you are not satisfied within the alloted time period, you can return the mattress for an exchange or refund. You must keep the mattress for at least 30 days. A separate shipping and handling fee will be assessed for all returns and exchanges.

The "Vendor-In Home Trial" is restricted to certain brands on both websites.

Similarly, the "Comfort Guarantee" allows you to exchange your purchase 21 days after delivery. 1800Mattress requires the exchange to be completed within no more than 28 days from the original date of delivery, whereas Sleepy's allows 30 days and charges of disposal fee of $150.

Both companies require that all merchandise exchanged or refunded be in sanitary condition free of stains, tears and burns, and will use their own discretion to determine if a mattress is in good enough condition.

An additional difference is that 1800Mattress offers the "Comfort Guarantee" in only some U.S. states, whereas Sleepy's does not have this type of restriction.

The Mattress Finder Tool

Both websites use a "Mattress Finder Tool" to assist customers with purhcasing the right mattress over the internet without being able to physically feel it.

1800Mattress finds the right bed by assessing the 1.size 2.most frequent sleeping position and 3.the comfort level desired.

Their comfort level scale consists of EXTRA FIRM, FIRM, MEDIUM, PLUSH, ULTRA PLUSH.

By selecting an option from each category, you are given a range of mattresses to choose from based on your selections.

Similarly, Sleepy's uses an interacting "Mattress Finder Tool" as well, however their's is a bit more precise and detailed. They ask how many individuals will sleep on the bed to determine "motion transfer", what sleeping position do you prefer to assess the best material of the mattress, whether you want hybdrid, innerspring or specialty foam and finally, your comfort level.

They use the same interactive comfort level scale as 1800Mattress.

Once all options have been selected from each category, you are given a list of beds to choose from based on your preferences.

Miscellaneous Differences

Aside from being a web based store, Sleepy's has over a dozen physical locations in the midwest including Deleware, Virginia, Maryland, Indiana, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. 1800Mattress.com is online only.

1800Mattress conducts wholesale business, whereas Sleepy's does not.

Sleepy's offers gift cards.

Both companies allow you to browse through mattresses based on firmness, however Sleepys allows you to browse based on "top rated" mattresses.

1800Mattress exclusively has a section on their website called "Mattress Academy". This allows vistors and protential customer to read information regarding how to get better sleep according to their age, as well as a mattress buying guide.

Their online tool "Great Sleep at Every Age" allows visitors access to studies and research that explain how newborns, children, teens and seniors can get better sleep based on their needs and lifestyle differences.

The "Mattress Academy" also offers a comprehensive guide to Mattress buying that include tips on mattress care, FAQs and steps on choosing the right mattress based on your personal needs.

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So Which is the Best?

Your personal needs and preferences will determine which website is best for you to purchase your bed from. If you are more budget mindful, you may want to consider 1800Mattress.com, as it has lower prices overall.

If you prefer a more comprehensive approach in picking out a particular mattress, it is best to shop on Sleepys.com, as their mattress finder tool is more precise.

Your geographic location may also determine which website is best to use.

1800Mattress.com may not be able to offer you free shipping based on the area you are located in.

Consider the specific type of product you are looking for. It may be listed as one price on 1800Mattress.com, but perhaps a closeout item on Sleepys.com.

If you are nearby a local store, you can visit Sleepys directly for in store deals you may not get online.

Keep in mind,if you are interested in a Military discount, Sleepys is the store that offers it.