123inkjets vs. 4inkjets

There are dozens of printer ink brands out there to choose from with many companies that often offer the same products, yet only a select number of them have good quality products for low prices. A couple of retailers worth mentioning are 123inkjets and 4inkjets, and they both provide popular ink brands starting with HP all the way to Xerox. Although the two both exist online as legit discount ink retailers with almost the same names, what's the real difference between them?

Do I Have to Scavenge for Ink and Toner?

Both company websites have a user friendly interface, so you won't easily get lost. Right at the start, 123inkjets showcases their premium ink and toner brands at prices lower than you would usually buy them at in stores. Finding the perfect ink cartridges for your printer is a fairly easy process on 123inkjets considering all you have to do includes these simple steps:

  • Finding your printer brand
  • Selecting your printer model
  • Selecting your model number

It really is as easy as 123, hence the website's name! The other great thing about 123inkjets is that you can purchase bulk sets of ink made up of 9 cartridges, all the while seeing the price compared to regular retail prices to better assure you that you're saving big bucks. Of course, if a bulk kit isn't necessary, the website also offers individual ink cartridges in retail packaging or as remanufactured replacements.

4inkjets also provides a very smooth process in finding your printer's ink and toner. It goes through the same steps as 123inkjets where you find your printer brand, then the model, and lastly the model number. Whether you're buying a 9-piece bulk set or individual cartridges, just like 123inkjets gives frequent discounts, 4inkjets implements coupons and coupon codes that you can use to save even more money when you're buying your ink. Although unlike 123inkjets, 4inkjets had short product videos underneath the product pictures that you can watch that briefly describes the ink you're planning to buy for the more careful and curious customers.

You can make finding your printer ink even more effortless by simply typing in your cartridge number or printer model number in the search box that both websites have at the top of their main page. Rather than scramble around in a store trying to find ink for your printer, once you visit 123inkjets and 4inkjets, it's easy sailing from there.

What are the Payment Options?

123inkjets accepts these payment types:

  • Visa (credit and debit)
  • Mastercard (credit and debit)
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Personal Checks
  • Money and Purchase Orders
  • Paypal

4inkjets offer the same payment types in addition to cash with PaidByCash. When checking out the items you put into your cart, both websites ensure that your checkout is secure, and they use tokens instead of storing your credit card number into their system. Another nifty thing about the checkout process is that you can use your Amazon account to pay for your order instead of making a new account with 123inkjets or 4inkjets.

What About Shipping and Returns?

The shipping policy is slightly different between the two retailers. 123inkjets has a 2 year 100% satisfaction guarantee and offers free shipping on all orders over $55 within the contiguous U.S, while the estimated delivery time is around 3 to 5 business days. If you order before 4 P.M pacific time, your order will be shipped the same day, which is convenient. In the case of returns and exchanges, customers are eligible for replacement cartridges within a two year period. If your product is unopened, defective or damaged upon delivery, you may return your item within the first 15 days of purchase.

With 4inkjets, free shipping is offered with orders over $50 in the contiguous U.S, which is slightly less than 123inkjet's free shipping qualification. The estimated delivery time is the same as 123inkjets, where you can expect your delivery in 3 to 5 business days. They also provide same day delivery if an order is placed before 4 PM pacific time, and they offer faster delivery to the East and West coast with USPS priority mail. With this, you can expect your delivery within 1 to 3 business days also with a 2-year satisfaction guarantee! If you ever want to return an item, 4inkjets has a similar policy as 123inkjets with the product being eligible for return if it is unopened, defective, or damaged when delivered. If you have any problems with your order in the first year, you can either ask for a refund or a replacement. After the first year, 4inkjets will replace your cartridge or offer store credit, which sounds like a great deal.

With both 123inkjets and 4inkjets, shipping is a bit different if you're a customer outside of contiguous U.S territories. These include Alaska, Hawaii, APO, FPO, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Federated States of Micronesia, Guam, Marshall Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, & Palau. Each retailer provides useful shipping rate charts for U.S non-contiguous orders. Moreover, while 123inkjets and 4inkjets both give you access to a tracking number so that you may track your order, that's not the case if you're a Canadian customer since unfortunately Canadian shipments don't have tracking numbers. Instead of 3-5 business days for delivery time, Canadian customers can expect their orders to take up to 6-12 business days due to higher restrictions, which may be a bit of an inconvenience to those who are in a hurry to receive their order.

Cut to the Chase, How are the Prices?

123 inkjets and 4inkjets pretty much carry the same products across various brands, but when it comes to their ink and toner items, 4inkjets always has slightly lower prices than 123inkjets even though it's only by a few dollars. Other products such as 3D printing supplies, network cables, ink refill kits and many types of paper are generally priced the same between the two retailers. Nonetheless, both companies offer prices at a fraction of the regular amount one would pay for OEM (original equipment manufacturer) printer cartridges.

Which Company Carries More Variety in Ink Brands?

Although 123inkjets and 4inkjets primarily sell ink for well-known printer brands like Canon and Samsung, a customer will more than likely find ink for any other printer model with either of the two websites. Both 123inkjets and 4inkjets have over 70 other printer ink brands for those with older or more industrial printers. They thought about almost every printer model, not just the modern ones, which is pretty considerate for individuals or companies that aren't necessarily up to date with their printers.

So Which is Better?

123inkjets and 4inkjets are both legitimate providers of a wide selection of inkjet and toner cartridges, refill kits, fax toner, 3D printer filaments, and other printer supplies at high quality for good prices. The only real difference between the two companies is that 4inkjets sells products for a few dollars less than 123inkjets, but either one you choose is sure to be a similar and great experience for your printer ink needs. Both retailers have an overall high positive feedback rating and humbly hold a Circle of Excellence Award for their fantastic customer support, delivery time, and product satisfaction, with 4inkjets being a Google trusted store. Additionally, they've both been accredited with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Thus, no matter which provider you decide to go with, your wallet will be thanking you in the end!